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In January, 11th, 2012, an alien race left they're planet for ours. They attacked and enslaved the entire human race. You where one of the lucky thousand that escaped. In your town Argo a revolution is starting. Your family? Dead. Your two cousins garret and Jake escaped with you but the others are dead. That girl you liked? She's a slave now to the oligarchs who run the place and is used by them for they're own sexual enjoyment. Your friends? They hang in cages from the ceiling in the arena knowing one day they'll be down there fighting a giant poisonous lizard or swimming with a giant piranha. Welcome to new earth.




-fixed ending to fit for possible sequel

-moving more towards human help

-plot development

-new clip and video military file (ending)

Revolt II

After 3 days of fighting your home town is back under your protection. But at what cost? Many of your ranks are dead. Your friends have all died in battle. And both your cousins who escaped with you have perished. But this is what you chose, when you defied them. All of this is your doing. And these aliens who own earth won't stop until your dead.


I have no idea who I am. I woke up in a cell one day with a girl and found I was kidnapped by 3 sadistic men. I saved 2 lives and commanded a spaceship. I'm bringing the downfall of the evil Arachnius Oligarchs. I spend every waking moment hoping tomorrow I'll live to see the sun rise. What makes you think that being captured and brought to my knees to die is going to suprise me? Burn in hell you communist animals.

Setinel: The border

The crew of the setinel is breaking down. 3 months and no action. Today that changes.

Wars of earth: advance of Rome

In Ancient Rome, a small military unit is mobilizing. It's goal? World domination. In this unit is a soldier. Can they stop invaders and keep Rome growing? Or will they be conquered with ease?

Recent Posts

Need a co-author for the setinel sequel on 4/30/2013 10:43:45 PM


Broken ratings and played games on 4/29/2013 10:57:05 PM

I recently wrote a story called Setinel (yes Setinel not Sentinel) and it say no one played it and only 3 people have played it. And when I click the ratings which say only 3 people have rated it I get much more people than 3 (13 last I looked).

Revolt II on 4/29/2013 9:27:37 PM

So I wrote my first story game which ended with a lot of "it has potential but should be more in depth," so I've decided to write the 2nd. 

Things to clear up:

1. This on will hopefully be much longer.

2. I'll try for more character development.

3. The 2nd may be followed by a 3rd

4. This one will be MUCH more violent. There will be people having their lungs ripped out, people regenerating entire limbs through stem cells, Chunks of human body parts being ripped off.

So anything I should change?

Story game ideas for you! on 1/30/2013 6:59:01 PM

First couple ideas:

transformers story game. I to write one but couldn't get it right. I suggst tying together several series. try putting together the first generation 80s transformers the newer movies and transformers prime. I suggest researching the topic as well. Maybe in an advanced form? With items and classes?

Band story game. Could be pretty good. 

Famous game. Be famous and stuff.

these are all my ideas so far. Feel free to use any of them. Send me a message if your going to use them. Also put me down as co-author if you do use them.

Story game ideas for you! on 1/30/2013 6:47:28 PM

This is pretty much a place to come for some of my ideas for story games you can use. I'll keep posting for a while. I think.