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How To Play A Game
This is the How-To-Play-A-Game Game. It's a must-play for every first time player!

What your reading right now is the Game Description. This isn't actually part of the game, but describes what the game is like.

If you look above the this text, you'll see two folder tabs. Clicking on Player Comments will show you all the comments people have made about the game. Go ahead and take a look at the comments!

Also, below this text you will see, in small type, "Maturity Level: 1 - appropriate for all ages." The Maturity Level varies in each game and can go from 1 to 8. We'll talk about this more once you play the game.

And talking about playing the game ... to play the game (or any game) from this window, go ahead and click on the big button that says "Play This Game!"

Clicking on Choose Another Game will take you to the Select-A-Game window.

Click "Play This Game!" to begin!

A night at hell house
unpublished , coauthor

You were an ordinary kid, but after you find an invitation to a Halloween party. You beg your parents and eventually they let you go. At first you were happy to meet new friends. But then you realize that's the treats are pretty weird and freaky. And the tricks seem just a bit too real. And they just might scare death

hello: the game
unpublished , coauthor
this is intriguing! - cysid

Plane crash [in the jungle]
unpublished , coauthor

this is a fun game it may be a bit short

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Contest Winners on 11/26/2007 11:09:24 PM is pleased to announce our contest winners!!

After hours and hours of deliberation, we have made our decision. We evaluated each and every game that was eligible on several factors including creativity, entertainment value, overall coolness, and your opinions.   We can assure you, it was quite a difficult decision! Well, without further ado:

Grand Prize Winner:   Endmaster for Necromancer .  If you haven't read this story yet we strongly encourage you to do so.  It's a rewarding interactive experience.  Endmaster won Contest Trophy, March5th00's Trophy, a printed (hopefully bound?) copy of your work, 300 Experience points and $75.

Second Place Winner:  TSMPaul for Mechanised Assault Unit .  Again, a truly engaging story.  Though we felt it lacked a certain amount of control we couldn't walk away once we started reading.  TSMPaul won $25 & 200 Experience Points

Honorable Mention:  Rommel for Terra Proxima: First Strike.  An original take on the chooseyourstory website, an engaging (albeit random) world of choice, and another featured story (although we regret to say it misplaced another of Rommel's stories to get there.)  Rommel won 100 additional Experience Points for his story.

We tried hard to get t-shirts printed up to give to each contest winner, but unfortunately we weren't able to coordinate it in time / agree on a graphic / get a good price.  Hopefully next year! 

Those of you who are winners, please contact us with the "contact us" link below with your email address.  We will ship you your winnings.  Points have already been added.  Congrats to all winners!

To those of you who did not win - know that your stories were not over-looked.  There was exceptional quality made for this contest that included such great stories as Equilibrium, Ducky Park, & Captured.  We hope you've all enjoyed reading these stories as much as we have!  Thanks for everyone's continued efforts here at

CYSID & the CYS admins.

Cysid on 11/26/2007 5:08:02 PM
I have way more points than you. 

The Contest Winners!!! on 3/5/2003 5:01:02 PM
After hours and hours of deliberation, we have made our decision. We evaluated each and every game that was eligible on three factors: creativity, entertainment value, and overall coolness. And I can assure you, it was quite a difficult decision! Well, without further ado:

-- Grand Prize Winner ($100) --
thatguy for The Wal*Mart Game

... we also decided that it just would simply be not fair to only recognize one game, so we decided to award some other prizes.

-- Close Runner Up ($25) --
karacan for Magus: Betrayal

-- Third Places ($15) --
AKJ16/solostrike for all of his games
Funkywizard for Blunder Brain Bob Baldwin of Baltimore In: No Escape

-- Honorable Mentions (10 points) --
SuperMarioJon for the Mario Island Series
beholder for Lodin's Quest: Anamandar
Missy-ga for The Quest for Pegasus
janemcg for You're the Bachelor

Congratulations to all of the winners! Thanks to everyone for entering!

-= The Ultimate Choose-Your-Own-Adventurer=-

P.S. I will personally email the winners within a few days, as for the honorable mentions, the points have been added to your account. Thanks!

The Contest on 2/16/2003 1:48:45 AM
So who do you think should win? Post your thoughts here :-)

!! New Categories !! on 11/24/2002 3:29:48 PM
How exciting, check them out. What you think?

re:How To Play A Game error on 7/7/2002 2:16:04 PM
Well ... I suppose it would be perfectly logical to be able to use the bread, then the toaster. But it looks like the only way to get past the french guy is to use the toaster and then use the bread. Oh well.

Did it help you learn to play a game?

Welcome To the Board! on 5/17/2002 12:13:23 PM
Thanks for stoping by the Message board! If you have any questions or comemnts about the website, or have anything to say -- go ahead and post a message!