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My first CYOA story "Christmas Vacation pt. 1" is published!  It's in the Horror section.  My favorite storygames are currently Game of Life and Death, MyVacation and the Wal*Mart game.  Feel free to read the first page of my game in the Writing Workshop forum :)


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Most complex game? on 11/14/2020 5:06:59 PM

I'm not sure how active the story still is, but the Wal*Mart game is soo complex (at least it seemed like it to me).  Yet it's one of my favorites of all time.  However last I saw it was actually not finished.

Myvacation on 12/16/2016 9:58:04 PM

I can't wait until it's back up!  I got really deep into it and it was definitely one of my all time favorites!

Favorite Animal? on 2/12/2016 7:08:22 PM

My favorite animals are your everyday house cat, and any kind of whale.

"The Cough"-WIP Inspiration Thread on 2/12/2016 7:05:44 PM

Wow, this actually sounds super interesting!! I would definitely read it were I to come across it on this website.  After you kill the person who coughed, is the game over? Or does the game go on? Or would the whole game be you trying to figure out who coughed?  Either way, I think it's a good idea.  I enjoy scary story games so yours sounds very intriguing!

First page of my story Christmas Vacation on 2/1/2016 5:41:30 PM

Thank you for your thoughts! There will be a character description after the first page going over everyone who will be at the grandparent's house.  I am thinking about making it a murder mystery, and hopefully there will be darker elements farther along in the story.  I don't think there will be fantasy elements... the story is in the early stages though.  I will consider elaborating on the cat's behavior :D again thanks for replying!

First page of my story Christmas Vacation on 2/1/2016 5:37:13 PM

Thank you!

First page of my story Christmas Vacation on 2/1/2016 5:37:00 PM

Thank you! And yes, next there is a description of all the characters that will be there.

First page of my story Christmas Vacation on 1/30/2016 11:49:16 AM

This is the first page of a story I am working on... thoughts?

Your parents car bumps along the highway, snowflakes swirling past the window you stare out of in the back seat.  It's 8:20 pm and you've been driving all day to your Grandparents ' house, where you'll be staying for a week during Christmas vacation.


All of your aunts and uncles, including your five annoying cousins and one mentally unstable cat, will be there too.  You're an only child and you wish you could have found a friend in at least one of your cousins, but so far, no such luck.  It's been a while since you've seen them, though, so they'll be a lot older... and hopefully nicer.


You wonder if you're Aunt Betsy is out of jail yet.  She got arrested a few months ago for drug possession.  Everyone in the family is slightly embarrassed about her.


You look out the windshield to see your car turn onto a long, uphill driveway that disappears into the mass of flurrying snowflakes after a few yards. 


You mentally review everyone who will be there in your head.

Top 5 on 12/1/2015 1:53:54 PM

the Walmart game is probably my favorite on the site

Top 5 on 11/30/2015 3:47:40 PM