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Hello everybody! The name is ericyopy and I am a writer aspiring to become tremendously better. Although procrastination has had conflicts with me in the past, I am determined to overcome it. Writing is a strong passion of mine and one of these days, I will see my best and most passionate projects come to life and it will be a glorious day. Anyways, enough talking about glory, may the reader of this profile have a great day or night.

NOTE: Anyone willing to work with me may PM me. I am usually available since I am a person with no desire to sleep. 


Current Home: Earth

Current Job: Living

Current Race: Human

Current Gender: Alien

Current Look: Coat all day, everyday

Favorite Genre: Fantasy/Historical

Current Interests: CYOA, WW2, Fighter Aircraft


Quotes (that I find interesting):

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." - Margaret Mead


Currently working on:

Supers Engage

Other secret projects...

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(Killa's Spring Thing Contest 2018)

For decades, mankind traversed the world by sea. In impressive vessels of mass proportion, humanity sold their goods, fought for blood or sailed for the smell of the sea.

However, the world was changing and humanity has begun to get rid of the sea dogs in trade for safer waters. Although a step into the future, the once infamous pirates of the ill fated waters had begun to fade into history.

Captain Rogers, prove to the world that you will not be forgotten. Make them write your name into the books and send one last message to a new age of mankind.


(BerkaZerka's Creatures of the Night Contest 2018)

His life means nothing if it means that you live...

Driven by the killing of others, you must consume another's soul in order to live. As one of the Harbingers, you roam the streets of the city of Noctilis in order to feed your hunger. However, even with your insanity on the line, outside forces will stop at nothing to stop you from eating...

(2 epilogues)

Supers Engage

(Bucky's EPIC contest 2018)

Fight for honor or fight for glory...

Children bestowed with superpowers are locked away in fear of unleashing their powers for the wrong reasons only to be awakened once more on the setting of a battlefield.

You, one of the children, must either fight as a soldier or fight for your virtues...

(Three epilogues)

(Version 1)

Recent Posts

Best of 2019 Contest Starts Now on 1/10/2019 7:57:25 PM

This will at least be in the back of my head the next time I decide to write something.

BZ's Creatures of The Night Results! on 11/11/2018 10:26:37 PM

Congrats to everyone who made it! Quite the turnout and good quality overall. Now I'm going to remain dormant for about a year while I try to finish things that I never got to finish...

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 11/11/2018 9:12:09 AM

Awesome to hear! That was quite quick.

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 11/7/2018 8:05:42 PM

Well checking this and then reading through my story again, I realized I really screwed up when it came to links...


I really need to proof read my stuff on CYS before hastily slapping it into the world because apparently rushing when trying to copy and paste is really difficult. However, it is nice to know that there was a lot of good submissions this time around.

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 10/31/2018 10:52:56 PM

Ok, this was a rush project. I totally underestimated the time that I would have since the last contest lasted a century.

There you go, just in time. May not be my best piece of literature but at least it's "complete." I probably need to take a break before my head explodes.

I am also quite surprised at the turnout this contest. Congrats to everyone who was able to turn something in.

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 10/30/2018 9:10:07 PM

I'm so ready to put out my last minute entry. Just you guys wait.

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 9/29/2018 10:07:27 AM

Ok, now I am OFFICIALLY entering the contest with 25 points on the table because I am barely alive in the point department right now. 

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 9/28/2018 8:21:00 PM

Wow, a theme that isn't open ended or weird to do. Let me whip up 25 points real quick for the bare minimum and LET'S DO THIS.

I will announce my participation officially later because this is a very interesting theme with some good looking outcomes and I promise that this time, I'm actually gonna think of something good and do good. But for now, I will be back.

Let me get back like 5% of the points I lost.

EPIC Contest - The Contest to Rule Them All on 9/27/2018 8:24:31 PM

That was quite quick. Well I guess that's what happens when you only have three qualified stories to grade.

Also I just realized that one of the links in my story game is broken and I feel dumb. Next time, I need to not rush. (Or actually show up with a finished product.)

EPIC Contest - The Contest to Rule Them All on 9/24/2018 5:01:23 PM

Alright, will do.