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Graham Greetings on 3/16/2022 9:51:31 PM
Hello! First of all, I must give you some measure of digital applause for your username. I wipe tears from my vision spheres as I type this, gazing upon the artistry of Deis_Nahtz. Your profile is full of relatability to the point where I'm convinced you're capable of writing every writer's biography. Losing 8 hours of sleep over one sentence? Truly, thou art a seer, viewing many a prospective author's future. Hopefully not yours, though, considering your two storygames. I'm excited to see where Missions Unlimited: Burning Metal goes, since the spy and crime genre is one of my favourites. I'm also looking forward to One Way Home, since as hard as horror storygames are to properly pull off, when they're done right, they are done right. Most of the stuff I need for now was covered by the Help & Info page, but I'm always down for creative collaborations. Creative collaborations having the definition of 'collectively getting a headache over the English language', in this context. ??, fellow Trekkie and new CYStian!

Graham Greetings on 3/15/2022 10:25:25 PM
Thank you! I'm a big fan of "Boobs!!!", it was an enlightening experience unlike any other. I started a petition pertaining to the abolishment of the scholastic system altogether in favour of playing the storygame for hours on end. Sadly, all such efforts were for naught. Jokes aside, thank you for the welcome! Your article about how paths work was super helpful.

Graham Greetings on 3/15/2022 8:21:02 PM
Greetings, O Great Council of CYStians, those who seek to rip this introduction apart, and those who will let their lips upturn slightly and save the grammatical errors in a blackmailing Google Doc for later use. It's been exactly 1,826 days since I first discovered this site, and I never really thought I'd do anything other than fruitlessly try to beat at least one storygame with that flaming 8 rating and check out the wicked fantasy sagas every now and then. Then, I tripped right into the void of writing, Dungeons & Dragons, and other creative pursuits, so I suppose it's about time I officially joined the ranks of cringe CYS newbies. Now, in the 1,826 days it's been since I discovered this site, I have written quite a bit of, as is the scientific term, stuff. However, this stuff did not include anything that was a storygame. I believe the general population will be glad to find none of this stuff is Warrior Cats fanfiction, thank the heavens and villain-protagonist-created hells. I've got a work-in-progress storygame sitting at around 2,000 words, which I will strive to finish within a month to get past the mark of 'yay, first cringe CYS newbie story done'. It's a Modern one, which I figure will get a less-than-subpar rating based on the average scores of its genre and its attempts at humour, but I've had some good fun with its style so far. I find the Help & Info page to be very helpful, and that link in the Basic HTML article? Brilliant. Delving into the forums, I hold a Very Strong Internet Opinion that my skin of parchment paper and feather-stuffed pillows will not be enough to last long. I am terrified, and I have several bets placed on me by friends that I will run away from my computer within a month, two weeks, or the day after posting this. I expect to lose in spectacular fashion to the lovely people who cashed in on the last option. Until then, I will attempt to marginally improve my writing and storytelling skills through this site, as well as have some plain old fun. Obligatory English is not my first language sentence goes here, because it is not. My first language is Klingon, so I apologise for any damage I have done to the holy shrine of SPAG. In any case, hello CYS! Thank you for providing a good deal of entertainment these past few years and inspiring me to try and create some entertaining works of my own. Thank you for also serving as a warning to not go too near Choice of Games if I want to live in any capacity.