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My name is KC. I am 20 and I'm Canadian. I like action and fantasy primarily. I work as a florist so I really value usage of composition and colour, which doesn't quite apply to this site, but I still consider it to be a driving factor of objects, pictures and things I find attractive. 

In high school I was top of my class in AP English Literature and I studied the legend of King Arthur in college (briefly) so hopefully that can be helpful to me here! 

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Thai kids found; did not reenact Lord of Flies on 7/9/2018 12:33:58 PM

8 boys rescued now! 4 boys and the coach are still in the cave. The 8 rescued are in quarantined in a hospital in case they have an infection from the bar droppings in the cave.  It was the weakest boys taken out first. 



Some Questions for You, as a Reader on 7/5/2018 11:14:13 PM

I'm a big King Arthur nerd (or at least I was in my first year of college when I studied the subject) so whatever you write I would be totally interested in. 

AND it's gonna be a comedy! And at least a little bit gay!? ;))))) I'm there! 

Thai kids found; did not reenact Lord of Flies on 7/5/2018 4:28:49 PM

I think they're worried that if they try and blow it up to get everyone out from the top, that the cave will just collapse and crush them. 

And I worried that if they leave them in there until the caves un-flood that they would run out of oxygen but apparently they've got some sort of contraption just pumping the oxygen in to them. 

It's a crazy story, but if it's "flood season" how the hell were they stupid enough to go in there and not expect to be trapped? (obviously I don't know enough about Thai weather to be judging but it seems like an act of stupidity to me.)

Hi :) on 7/1/2018 3:21:05 AM

Interesting about the medallion (which I think was called a talisman in the story). I went through the story a couple of times and couldn't find anything remotely like that. HOWEVER, I did just discover the Back button which saves repeating 50+ pages just to try a different link (which I did a number of times.... like a doofus!). Is the Back button considered "cheating"?   

Hi :) on 7/1/2018 3:14:50 AM

Thanks for recs I will check some of those out for sure! 
I have noticed the authors tend to tell you how many endings there are which is nice. After reading through a few shorter stories, I believe in this Mommy Let's Go Killing (? its something like that) I got to an end, but not like the big ding! ding! ding! end that I could necessarily boast! :P

Also thank-you, I'm glad you like my beetle picture :) I find bugs to be generally really cute. 

Hi :) on 7/1/2018 2:01:14 AM

Hello I'm KC, I'm 20 and Canadian. I've been looking for some sort of CYOA site like this and am very excited to have found this one! I will primarily be a reader but maybe in the future (once I understand how the platform works a little better) I will try to write a story. 

One thing I can say is that after reading through a couple forums, it seems like you all have made a really cool, inclusive and generally nice community! Which I think deserves some major kudos! 

I've only completed one story so far (Mommy something... sorry I forgot the whole name) and got 1000 points and finished it but it ended sort of abruptly but I didn't die... so I'm was little confused. Did I win? Because it didn't feel like it. People were talking in the comments about an ~item~ of which I didn't find any pieces so I don't know how I got to 1000 points without finding that. (I tried looking at the "articles" for help with this sort of basic reader question, but mostly the articles are geared towards first-time writers). So if anyone would have some explanation about what's considered "winning" or even just "completing" a game would be helpful. 

Thanks! I'm excited to do some more exploring.