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I used to have an account here 3 years ago and lost it so behold a new one has been made.

I joined because I've hit a massive writers' block over the last year.

Fun facts:

Waffles are better than pancakes down to every molecule.

Having blue hair is my most important personality trait above all else.

My writing is absolute shit but I won't improve if I stop trying.


Are you ready for the dumpster fire that I will create and lay into the grave?

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100 Words or Less on 1/23/2020 1:03:08 AM

97 words

"I'll call you when the party is over okay" she mumbled into the phone. Andy's friends laughed while going ahead into the warehouse. Her back rested against the cold mauve granite soothing the irritation. Hopping inline she watches the people ahead take small white balls from a bowl. Assuming it's a kind of jello shot when her turn comes she obliges mindlessly. The salty yet metallic taste bursts with flavor, she looks down. Scanning in the bowl she's met with her friend's and many other's eyes.

The group was found dead in the woods two months later.