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i can censore my self you f pepelo

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Tales of the unknown

In this game the object is to play a scenario some are funny some are sad and some are even sci-fi (for those who love a different kind of game to play.

The story of a Ranger
unpublished , coauthor

The story of a Ranger is my first game chances are i wont make many. this story is about just a single adventure from one of my favorite chars i ever made Dearon Birloth an elven ranger

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shadow of the rabbi on 4/27/2012 10:36:18 AM

I thought it was because something timed out

Drugs on 4/4/2012 10:24:25 AM

YOu know what would really suck if they leagalized pot in america because they would tax the crap out of it and it would be to ewxpensive.

urban legends on 4/4/2012 10:23:00 AM

What about the the chewbricabra(Hard to spell).

shadow of the rabbi on 4/4/2012 10:20:37 AM

i dont' remember the link but i am sure it was a end game link

shadow of the rabbi on 4/4/2012 10:19:59 AM

no it was like a screen that  showed me graph like things numbers and stuff i don't car to understand.

urban legends on 3/21/2012 11:37:47 AM

you guys heard aqbout twin city? its a city with all twins after a nazi doctor poisioned the water supply

Games with stats on 3/21/2012 11:15:40 AM

i know exactly what the section is for i do not accept distructive critisum(yeah i know i spelt it wrong big deal)

 whta i am talking about is something like this


endureance 4

streagth 11

mana 100

health 53

intelligence 19

wisdom 13

and so on.

 i think  youi are the one confused beacuse this can help the website it involes everyone(yes i spelt it wrong).

so yeah  i think im right and your wrong get over it.

Games with stats on 3/21/2012 11:06:07 AM

yeah if its good

Games with stats on 3/8/2012 10:41:37 AM

 you know what would be cool games with stats like constitution,streagth,and wisdom. stuff like that and during the game chack them and have them displayed at the end of the game.

friends list on 3/2/2012 10:37:40 AM