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I've always been into reading more but have a untapped thirst to create. So I've found this site and feel like taking a crack at it. I'm new at this so am willing to accept criticism lol


Lawless Land

A western with historically accurate locations with a fictionally based story and characters.

The Towers

September 11,2001. Our great nation was emerged in chaos. Lives were lost, families torn apart, the twin towers lay in ruins and a nation in shock. You will take the role of a fire fighter. In this story you will be a hero whether you live or die. Delve into the life of a New York fire fighter before, during and after this tragic event.

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Western storygame on 6/22/2013 5:53:44 PM

I really love to read westerns and watch westerns. I've read a lot of louis lamour and max brand. And I haven't come across one here yet. So I am curious as into the thoughts of a western storygame. Any thoughts or ideas would be great. 

Also, I normally use my phone to get on here and it doesn't allow me to post or comment on forums. So I may not reply but I promise I am reading any comments. So thank you for any input and thoughts on this idea.