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I did not put in a lot of effort on this project, but I needed to crank out something to publish.


The story of dead men

This is a game about evil droids. Kill them all.

Classical conditioning is highly intuitive.

The Epic Game of Death and Deed

Mandatory Process

Oasis of Death
In the vast expanse, searching for a grand vision and a complete picture of reality, you find yourself tormented by these intrusive thoughts which cannot go away. Frustrated, you take it out on other people, but find that such actions do not lend themselves to ideal outcomes. You also have to deal with the guilt of knowing that an entire civilization is under attack because of your poor decisions.

Ultimate Agenda
In the midst of war and desolation, many of your kind have sought out a resolution to all manner of conflict and strife, but without a unifying core to bring about the necessary order to secure such a resolution moving forward, everyone is at each-other's throats, seeking to justify their own ends by using ideology and even religion to satisfy their need for power.

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Debate me on 6/28/2024 11:34:03 AM
Okay that was really dumb let me try again...

Debate me on 6/28/2024 11:33:48 AM
You may have receipts, but they've all expired.

Debate me on 6/28/2024 11:29:54 AM
Alright, how's it going? Let's debate a real topic. Do you believe in an unconstrained PSR? Why, or why not?

Debate me on 6/28/2024 11:27:03 AM
1. I spelt it correctly if you ignore the period which is supposed to be at the end of the sentence. 2. I am rusty at debate, meaning that I don't have an immediate topic at hand. But I will get back to your request quickly and handily defend my stances on any # of topics according to the manner in which I please. 3. I have a link to discord and am much better at vocal debates anyway. No time limits or any format will be required. Check my profile, I will be sitting in the voice lounge. (Invite your friends if you so wish) What do you think about The Transcendental Argument for the existence of God? What about the idea of an unconstrained PSR? What do you think about the philosophy of Empiricism? What about Descartes's Cogito, Ergo Sum? Do you think all things which are true can be proven?

Debate me on 6/28/2024 11:17:42 AM
It's not for a lack of effort

Thunderdome 13? on 6/28/2024 11:07:08 AM
@Mizal Chess 960?

Debate me on 6/27/2024 4:28:53 PM
I am looking for an argument. Give me a proposition and I (will try my best) to tear it to shred.s

Co-Authors? on 6/27/2024 1:04:02 PM

Co-Authors? on 6/27/2024 11:05:27 AM
Send me a DM or something if you'd wish to participate.

Co-Authors? on 6/27/2024 11:03:35 AM
Since I am new and do not have a lot of writing experience, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in working on a CYS game with me. I am doing this because I cannot write all day and I lose motivation, but I also need experience and an understanding of the process that other writers use. Though it is probably a bit complicated unless there is a process involved that has been put in place from the beginning, or some kind of pre-defined structure and formula. Regardless, I am not necessarily looking to publish a serious story, but if serious effort is put in, I will try to make it work out, so as to avoid publishing garbage.