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Conditional Text On Page Not Working?

3 years ago

So basically, I have a page that is suppose to "update" its text based on the link chosen by the Player.


The way I have it set up is this:


"What's your name, kid?"

"My name...?"

%%REBOUND%=%1%"My name is Ax..."%%%%REBOUND%=%2%"You first..."%%


With two links that both loop back to the page with the above text, one that changes %REBOUND to 1 and another that changes %REBOUND to 2.


But when I go in to test it, where there should be blank space (since %REBOUND starts at 0) there is the number 0, and whenever I try to click a link, I get an error message.


Am I doing something wrong? If so, please help me out! Thanks in advance!

Conditional Text On Page Not Working?

3 years ago
Turn off the RTE in your profile.

If you switch to plain text in and go in and look at it, what you actually have for that one is this:

%%REBOUND%& gt;=%1%Foxtrot appears to pick up on your nervousness. & quot;You seem upset there, kid. Is there something on your mind?& quot;%%

If you're doing scripting (or anything really) it's better to just stick to html, the RTE is gabage and the things it does are disgusting. You'll find codes for special characters creeping in a lot and breaking things depending on your phone or whether your copy and pasting from Google docs and the like.