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Beyond the Horizon

9 months ago
Ever since the election of Sovereign Drayk Arlox, the Earth Federation has been devoting more resources to the expansion into new territory. Arlox believed that it was our duty to colonize and uncover the secrets of the universe, as was our divine right. As a result, humanity saw itself rapidly colonizing new moons, planets, and so forth. In addition to coloization, we were given a new mission to learn about black holes and how we could harness their energy for further expansion. This is where I came in, as one of the leads on a team that would be assigned an intermediate-mass black hole.

It started out as an ordinary day on Crios Station III. We ran through our typical routines, I completed my typical tasks, we made our typical observations of the black hole we've been assigned. As one of the supervisors, my job is simply to make sure that the day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible and report back to the Earth Federation any findings that we uncover. Usually this report consisted of the same, mundane observations. The only exceptions were when we'd occasionally see some sort of space debris enter the orbit of the black hole.

As I was preparing one such mundane report, my comlink began to flash red and displayed that the signal was coming from the observation deck. I didn't think much of it at first, these "emergencies" are usually anything but. Still, I promptly put my report on hold and made my way to the observation deck.

Upon reaching the observation deck, I immediately noticed how eerily silent it was. Not only that, but everyone in the room was standing up and facing the window that overlooked the black hole. I made my way to the front, and my jaw dropped at what I was witnessing. Something was leaving black hole.

A sense of dread washed over me as I watched this anomaly emerge from the black hole. A ship? A space station? I couldn't tell for sure, but it was headed directly for us. I could only describe its appearance as warped. Whether that was by design or it was the black hole distorting its image was not yet clear to me. What was clear to me now was that we were not alone out here. Whatever was hiding beyond the event horizon has taken notice of us, and now it is making us aware of it. I don't know what its intentions are, but I can only hope they are peaceful. But I fear we have may found something that wanted to remain hidden.


I was bored and didn't feel like working on my storygame, so I decided to come up with this instead. Thoughts?