Rating Games And Leaving Comments

by Havacoman

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Rating things is pretty simple business. In a nutshell:

  • don't bin everything into ratings of 1 and 8, please
  • base your rating mostly on the story
  • keep your weird personal biases out of the rating
  • give a little credit for polish (easy to read, high word counts, good branching, etc.)

Here's some side advice about rating comments:

  • mention what you liked. Readers want to know why it's good and authors want to know what works.
  • mention what you didn't like, what was weird, etc. There's no need to sugarcoat. This is invaluable to authors.
  • nobody cares if you skipped a whole page because it mentioned rugs and you just hate rugs. So don't point out your weird biases.

Hope that helps.