Attention Newbies! Being a Respected CYStian

by AestheticLlama

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1. Interact with the community. 
A big way to interact with the community is by rating storygames, leaving comments, and participating in the forums. And of course, WRITING! CYS members will know that you aren't a person who hides in the shadows. This is a big step.

2. Learn how to have thick skin. 
The definition of "thick skin" is an ability to keep from getting upset or offended by the things other people say and do (source from Merriam Webster). Having thicker skin is a huge step. This way, you'll be able to take criticism on your writing without getting emotional, and if you misunderstand jokes or make a mistake on the forum people will get less mad at you.

3. Don't ruin jokes/inside jokes. 
If you see someone say something on the forum that seems rude or offensive about something, get more context on the situation. Many site members have been friends for years, everyone likes to write creatively even in their posts, and most of the time, it's just a joke. Getting offended at a joke is a huge dip in reputation. Of course, you can boost your reputation again, it's never impossible. 

4. Be memorable ( a good way). 
Maybe you can be the person who does cool short stories in the forum, or be the person who welcomes newbies or does profile picture commissions. Being a memorable member of CYS can also lead to you being a respected CYSian. 

5. Have a profile picture. 
It's fine if you don't. In fact, this is completely optional. But having a profile picture can show people kind of what your character is. It doesn't have to be mesmerizing, it can be simple. Profile pictures have to be appropriate, of course. A profile picture like this is a good start:

6. Have a good bio.
Again, it's fine if you don't have one. But this will help people know you better. You can say what you do on this site, your goals on this site, hobbies, personality, etc. Again, nothing inappropriate. 

7. Don't have too many alts.
Having too many alts is a bad thing. You only need one account to use the site normally. Most people with a bunch of alts are spammers or trolls, and nobody likes those. Let's say you called one of the administrators a flying duck (I thought of an alternative curse word) and then they banned you. Don't just make alts to attack them even more. Instead, take a break, and go do something else. This helps recollect your mental state. If you don't make everyone angry this way, you can wait a couple of weeks and make a new account, and then if you act correctly it will be fine.

8. If you have a bad reputation, take a break. 
You don't HAVE to post on the forum. If people aren't reacting well to your posts, even if you don't understand why it's better to stop for awhile and go read something before you make it worse. Nobody respects someone who only joins the site to be irritating on the forum, but everyone loves it when you rate storygames and leave comments.

I hope this will help you make friends and be a more productive CYS member, and remember if you have questions, just ask!