How to rate games

by Fleshnblood_78

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Things to think about when rating people's games


Keep these thoughts in mind when rating someone's story. 

10. Could you have written a better game? If not, don't be so cruel when rating it.

9. Do you have a problem with the particular author? If Eggboy or equivalent were to make a game, would you rate it solely on the game and not the author? if not then don't play their game to begin with.

8. Is the author your close friend or relative? if so then be weary when playing their games, it doesn't help the site or its members if you are giving a friends game a high ranking just cause you know them.

7. Is it your game? while people tend to enjoy running through their game once they have completed a new game its not a good idea to go and rate your game first, just to give it a better score right off. First off, this doesn't work. Your ratings on your own games wont count. Second, we all know you would rate your games high. YOU WROTE IT! 

6. Try not to use outside information about the author to rate their game. similar to #9 but with this don't look at the forum to find out who their friends are, how old they are, or their gender if you have a problem with young girls who are friends with Eggboy.

5. Steer away from rating games more than once. if you like a game that isn't getting good marks, voice your opinion on the forums. Your rating of a game will only count one time. Your final rating is what will be tallied. No multiple ratings per rater.

4. When determined to play a game to rate it, give yourself enough time to enjoy it. don't play a game with a length of 8 and run through it and give it a bad rating.

3. Read! similar to #4 but an emphasis on reading, not skimming, the pages. Reading involves imagination. you cant get that imagination flowing unless you read the text.

2. Don't judge basic games on the same level as advanced games. many basic games have rocked more than the advanced ones. this should be taken into consideration.

1. Remember, some games may have a short "death" path that starts on the first page. if you find that you end the game with 3 clicks, go back and play multiple paths. in fact, play as many as you can find before you decide to rate a game. many people run through the worst path and give a horrible review. those people totally miss the better paths because they were too quick to judge.

Honourable mention 11. remember, treat others how you would like to be treated. judge harshly, and so will you.

Happy Gaming!