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I joined this site when I was about 16, having already played a lot of storygames, and wrote 'Sacrifice', a pretty bare storygame set in a fantasy world I had been creating back then (the game is still published on my profile if you wish to read it, but it's not exactly great).

And then I forgot about the site completely.

I rediscovered this website at the age of 20, now at university studying English and Creative Writing, now with far too much time on my hands. Perhaps I'll forget again, but my plan is to create some fun and interesting storygames and give something back to this community. Storygames like Eternal, Necromancer, A Game of Life and Death and Snow really inspired my writing, and encouraged me to venture into writing stories with different paths and choices, rather than linear narratives. The idea of the reader playing an active role in the events of a story really excites me, and I hope that my work will also excite someone looking for inspiration and adventure!



Short, serious and dark. Much more story than game, you can't really lose and there aren't that many choices. The main choices are the order that you do things in, and the endings. You can't lose, so if you want a challenge this game isn't for you! There are three possible endings, none of them are a 'true' ending, and people may consider different endings to be the 'best'.

Doctor Arzt

You wake up in a laboratory underneath the mansion of the famous, yet reclusive scientist Doctor Coen Bastiaan Arzt, with no memory of how you got there and very little memory of who you are. Your mission is to find out how and why you got there, discover the scientist's secrets and, most importantly, escape! This game is a little surreal, a little sad and a little funny. I hope you enjoy!