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Anaria: Quest for the Sword of Light

The Warlock, Redinor, has stolen the Sword of Light, the legendary blade that is given to the Phoenix Rider. The next Phoenix Rider, Aric Lightson, must retrieve it if he is to recieve his birthright and marry the princess of the Elvish Empire of Arcria Locroium, Aercaena.

Author's Note:

I don't care if you listen to the comments and decide to allow them to influence your opinion on this storygame, I'm just trying to get this whole series done so that I can move on with my life and not worry about all the stupid little comments that everyone gives everything. Just... if you're willing to give this thing a shot, finish it.

Anaria: The Demon Necromancer

The Demon Necromancer, Adwar, has retrieved the Sword of Shadows from the tower of Redinor. The world of Anaria cries out in anguish. Will Aric Lightson return to stop him, or will the Demons be allowed to complete their quest in letting the Darkness of the Void into the world?

Author's Note:

This is more of a follow up story to "Anaria" rather than a game. Please do not be angry with me, I'm just trying to end this horrible chapter that I decided to waste my life on.