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Beset by the Byzantine empire, your small Slavic tribe is discussing how you can defend yourselves. They are overconfident, and you feel death will overcome you. Upset, you go visit the temple of Prabog, an ancient Slavic god that you hope will protect you. Will you find glory, or death?


I recommend trying out the obviously bad choices as well. You may find the story a tad short otherwise.

The world is similar to ours in the 7th century except with the addition of magic and magic creatures.

What a terrible world

A great Empire, slowly falling apart due to the mysterious and deadly plague... but you don't care about that. You have your own problems.

The world just keeps kicking you in the tender bits. Your entire life has been shit, and you're not going to take it anymore. Well, you aren't going to take anything anymore, as you are going to kill yourself.


However, fate has another plan in store for you. Will you take the opportunity presented before you by a mysterious eldritch creature? And will you lose yourself along the way? Dealing with the devil never pays off... but perhaps?


Entry for Endmaster's prompt contest.


Note: The story includes a lot of dark humor, harsh language, violence, racism, rape depictions and suicide attempts. If such is not your cup of tea, stay away.

Your actions will influence the protagonist's thoughts and view of the world, as well as the actions he will automatically take, outside of your choices. Before you complain about him being a monster or a racist, consider whether you made him become so.

If you get a titled epilogue, consider that a win, even if it sucks for the protagonist. There are 5 to find. Some are rather easy to obtain, while the others can be a bit more difficult. Try to find the "good" and the "best" endings.

More than half the fucked up shit that the protagonist talks about in the beginning actually happened to the author, so you can have a fun guessing game of which is true, and which is made up.

If you believe you spotted a reference to something, be it a light novel or a totally random flash game, you did.

And remember: The higher your score, the worse person you are.

Recent Posts

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 6/30/2022 8:44:28 AM

"Quality" is subjective I guess, but a good stat to keep track of would have been "entries that remain on the site after being judged"/"total entries".

Aka how many people, on average, submit something only to not get shamed, rather than putting in the effort for a proper story.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 6/29/2022 6:25:20 PM

Can we get some of those fancy stats of yours, with the expected amount of entries total, based on the previous contests?

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 6/27/2022 12:06:14 PM

The only thing you possibly could have helped me out with was increasing the desire to an hero myself.

"Go back" button should work for saved games on 6/26/2022 12:10:51 PM

Aha, so I was correct in assuming that's how it worked. I assume that the "saves" merely just remember the one page you're on when you save the game, and all the variable values. If I'm correct that means this is impossible without modifying what the system saves.

Seedship on 6/25/2022 3:20:31 PM

I mean, what's your definition of "doing fine"? If you just look at the description at the very end, I guess you could say you're "doing fine".

But, looking at the score, I think it's only "fine" from like 9K upwards. And looking at the description of the planet, I definitely wouldn't want to live there.

While I don't think the game is necessarily too complex, and probably gets boring after two or three runs, I also don't think it's as simple as you're making it out to be.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 6/25/2022 9:12:41 AM

Here's my entry for the contest:

What a terrible world.

My prompt was 29) A story where world just keeps kicking you in the tender bits. Your house burns down. Your daughter dies of disease. Your spouse runs off with a soldier. Things can't seem to get worse, so you head to a tavern in downtown to drink away the last of your money before you hang yourself. Only . . .something worse happens and shit is about to get real.

A big thank you to anybody that has assisted me in any way with the creation of the story (usually when it comes to grammar), no matter how much or how little they did.

Seedship on 6/25/2022 7:41:46 AM
Forgot my score now (it was just a bit higher than 10K I think), but 900 of my dudes survived, and I settled on a planet whose only issue was the atmosphere. At some point, a huge rock crashed into my science data modules, so my civilization was stuck in the medieval technology tier. On the other hand, I got into a cultural exchange program with some aliens along the way, so my society was morally and culturally superior to earth. The description was "Medieval Cosmic Enlightenment", with the planet being called "Bounty" because of the plentiful resources. Overall, perfectly satisfied with the outcome of my first game. Medieval ain't bad, and clearly, there will be no degeneracy in my utopia.

The 8 Types of Fun on 6/24/2022 4:43:55 PM
Narrative enjoyment is definitely the top on the list for me, out of these 8. I mean, it kind of holds the story together, unless you're playing a puzzle game. Fantasy would be the second one. Exploring a new world somebody created is always fun. Discovery is the third. If the world created is well-thought-out and complex, there will be a shit ton of potential lore to reveal to the readers. I'm a big fan of the "additional info" bits some games include (Eternal as an example). I'm never really looking for a "challenge" in a storygame, while I love challenges in RPGs. I'm aiming to relax and immerse myself in the story as I read, not bang my head against an impossible puzzle. I know some love that though. I'm not looking for sensory pleasure either, seeing as I can't create an image in my head. Even in games, I've never been a graphics whore. I play a shitload of potato-looking games, even in 2022. Fellowship can hardly apply in this type of media, as you mentioned... but it is a thing if we consider this website as a whole, instead of individual storygames - reading somebody's review, and seeing how THEY experienced the story compared to you can be an enjoyable experience. Expression is best experienced by actually writing the damn story yourself. Dunno what to say about submission, if I understood what it's about correctly. I don't think turning off your brain as you read the storygame is the best choice to experience it. I go to the gym or listen to music for that kind of thing. Not having written many games, I can't really determine exactly what I'm the best at evoking... but if I had to guess, it'd be the first three on my list: Narrative, Fantasy, and Discovery.

Perfectionism on 6/22/2022 10:22:35 AM
Not that I'm the shining example of a good writer, but my advice, for all that's worth, is: "Just write, faggot". If you're writing a story, presumably you already have an idea/theme in mind, even if it's not properly developed. Write something and see how it goes. If it's working, keep it and enhance it. If it's not, dump it. If you spent an hour writing something totally shit, and have to discard all of it, that's not an hour wasted; you gained some valuable experience. And maybe you've determined the direction you want to take a character in. If you don't have an idea/theme in mind, why the fuck are you writing a story? When you finish writing a chunk, go back and re-read it. Don't do that after you have already written the whole story. That way you can notice if shit starts conflicting. Now, what I'm saying probably doesn't apply if your story will be very lengthy, probably need at least a bit more planning there, but somehow I just feel you won't be writing the next "Eternal" if you're asking a question like this.

Perfectionism on 6/22/2022 9:21:40 AM
>Either way I'm 16 now, which is a load of difference. Believe me, it's really, REALLY not. Also can I read the manliest man somewhere?