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I think I'll use this space to explain 'Who wants to be a Christian' rather than talk about my personal life. Firstly, I wrote the very short game never on the basis that it would never actually be played; what I saw in was rather an amazingly handy device to follow the path of logic. I am a student of philosophy and simply saw it as a means to an end, i.e. as to whether I understood Hume's dialogue concerning natural religion enough to create a micro-cosmic logical map of it. I apologise to those who found it too testing in it's use of philosophical terms, or those who see it as some anti-christian rant dressed up as logic... personally I prefer it to see as logic dressed up as an an anti-christian rant, but you can't win them all can you (can you). Anyhoo, thanks for all the interest.

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Zombie Flesh Riot
MMMmmm. It's not entirely finished, and I'm not sure what maturity rating it should have given the amount of foul language, reference to deviant sexual acts, and utterly unfair bile directed at eighteen year old men. IF THIS VERSION IS PUBLISHED, PLEASE DON'T CLICK ON ANY LINKS TO GREEN GLOWING GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS; THAT IS A PLOT ARC I HAVEN'T GOT ROUND TO YET.

It's a bit ropey, but I hope the frequent violence more than makes up for the plot. Well, this strategy has worked for Hollywood for the past 50 years. Anyways, please post criticism/flame mail so that I can re-write/remove the offending article.

Who wants to be a Christian?
Who wants to be a Christian? is the hottest, newest, rollercoasteryest game to grace the media in a long time, and is hosted by that delightful Chris Tarrant. The aim of the game is to use some means or another to defend your Christian faith - for money! - despite all the clever tricks Chris Tarrant employs to make you lose it, further proof if any is needed that Chris Tarrant is in league with the Dark Prince.