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GrottyStatute74 is a handsome (single), amazing, smart writer. He won 5 nobel prizes for his three greatest works:

CYOS Exposed

Call Of Duty: Online

The Elder Scrolls: EXPOSED

None of these books sold for copyright reasons. Grotty was born in Jakarta (Indonesia) From a French father, and a Brazilian mother. For some reason he spoke Russian. After his first 15 years in Indonesia, he moved several times:

Stockholm (Sweden), London (FancyTalkingLand), New York (NuclearDeathFastHollywodRichLand...ThoughThatDidn'tWorkForMe), Sydney (WeirdAccentLand). He currently lives in a basement somewhere on the north pole.


I am sorry for offending anyone,  I didn't mean it. It's for fun :) Actually I did mean it, but that's beside the point, go and play a game of mine

And I saw this quote thing on other people's profile pages... good thing I just finished building the Kremlin in Civ 5:

"The Law is a fortress on a hill that armies cannot take or floods wash away."
- The Prophet Muhammed


Adventures of a Normal Man

RELEASE: Broken pages and bugs fixed from the pre-release (the ones I could find). The Nodnol path works now (though it is REALLY short... why did I give you the option, anyways?)

This is my second first game (I published my first one couple of days ago... but I worked on that one after I started working on this one...which means that this one sucks even more. Because it's my first game.)

Yeah... this one is going to be a 3/8... that doesn't mean I WANT a 3/8! No, not at all!

Again, sorry if my game sucks...

Easter Eggs:

Nondol- when read backwards it spells London.

Fine- a parody of a town in the Western Europe, called Nice

Mr. Alcheast- a parody of a youtube channel called Alchestbreach

One more thing, when you get an item that gives you points, DO NOT use it on the same page... this will result in a glitch that will insert a virus into CYOS... you have been warned


Strategy Simulator

Sorry, I've been really sick for almost the whole winter brake, and I didn't feel like writing. And I still don't... so I haven't updated the game. And I thought that if I won't update the game, why keep in un published

If you find any (or have ideas about the game) PM me. Also, this game will continue only if people like it...there's no reason to continue it if no-one likes it

Listen up, soldiers, my name is General Kenneth, and I am going to teach you the basics of tactical combat!
Hop on into this newest high-tech simulator, which has everything you need to become a master tactician!
This is my first storygame, so don't expect much. At the start of each chapter you get troops and a couple of flanks to defend (I am going to 3 for this example). You have to place 1 troop on each flank, depending on what you think is the best place to put them (example: you put the tanks where you'll get the biggest amount of enemies coming right at you) That's it in the nutshell. If I add anything new, I will tell you about it in the game.

Sorry if this game is bad, it is a quick side project.

Thank you for the understanding.

Adventures of a Normal Man II

Here's a sequel to my bad game: Adventures of a Normal Man! (The game continues from the Fine path)

AoNM History and Geography

This is all the History and Geography behind Adventures of a Normal Man.

It will be expanded on in the sequels

Random Plot: Job Saving

This game was made with the random plot generator, here:
I am thinking of making couple of these "Random plot idea" storys.... they will of course be short.
Here's the plot I got (SPOILERS FOR THE STORY):
An ornithologist has 24 hours to finance a deal that will save thousands of jobs. The story is complicated by a storm."
My third fourth game...It's still going to be bad (Ooopss, I didn't really put in a storm... oh, well)

This story is very VERY VERY short. My goal was to write this story as soon as possible... and I made it under 3 hours. I know that seems a lot,  but you'll think otherwise when I tell you I have started working on this ON 10 PM! YEAH! YOU BETTER BE GRATEFUL... AND THESE 'RANDOM PLOT' STORIES ARE MEANT TO BE SHORT...NOW GO IN YOUR CORNER AND SHUT UP!)

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