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Escape (Strategy)

Challenging strategy game where you must use logic and planning to escape the maze. Perfect for people who are good at math, interested in logic, and enjoy taking risks! Level (of strategy): Very Easy - Easy - Medium - Hard - Difficult

A Deadbeat Simulator

You are a teen bum who mooches and does substances for a living, testing your family and your own educational and health value. Find out where your life gets you, as everything depends on your choices. Will you get in trouble, will you find some peace, will you stay the same, or will things just crash down - and most of all, will you even care in the end? [Language, themes from school to parties to relationship issues to sex to drugs to pregnancy to death to family and love, with triggers, slightly past PG-13] Gender option included.

A Young Superhero's Story

This is a simulation where you are in the place of a teen girl who decides to become a superhero and leave home to fight crime. Every decision and action counts, like reality] You are Robyn Sophia Lowe, #1 fan of superhero Man Prime. You are only 14, but you have a brave heart and you're quite intelligent. Although, you are alone - your parents are never around (your father being a stoner and your mother always out), and you find it very difficult to keep or even make friends. So you have a dull life. To get some action, you decide to take a cheap superhero costume and leave home at night to fight menacing criminals. What will ensue? What will you face? Will your life turn around and will you find yourself in a new spot? [Different possible endings, which are very dependent of your choices and moves] [Includes violence, blood, rough language - PG-13 content]

Arceus Trainer's School (Pokemon)

It is a new year at Arceus Trainers's School. You are returning, now in sophomore rankings and ready to finally receive your Pokemon and your license! You and your friends will continue your education and your journey to become a Pokemon master. You are skilled and determined, so what could ensue? What Pokemon will you choose? Who will you meet along the way? What will be your final score? (Includes Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh region Pokemon and professors)


You are a dedicated crimefighter; an apprentice fighting for independence; hungry for action, and you will use any means of combat or weapons to stop your enemy.

After convincing your master, Roach to allow you to investigate alone in a warehouse in Gray City, you find yourself running into the most nasty villain who has no boundaries, Black Death. When interrogation develops into an intense, rather gruesome match, will you take him down - or just barely get out alive? 

Includes interactive dialogue and very descriptive combat. Rated R for intensity, blood, and language.

Catch the Villain in the School

On a normal Monday, you arrive to school early only to figure out that it is a late start day. However, your day turns around when you find a note on the front doors from an anonymous villain saying that you must find them and stop them before they plant files that will destroy your favorite school club! Can you stop them from planting the files, or will the principal appear and find them?!


In this drama, you are a teenage boy from a strange origin who discovers his super abilities. You must face teen drama, family events, and personal troubles as you take on the life of Jamie Hudson, a high-school stud and a dependable family member - with a majorly odd twist, including superpowers.

The Bum Life

You are a bum who mooches from vending machines and friends, who dwells in a trashy apartment with your roommates: an addict and a careless dude, and only owns pajama pants and your favorite hoodie as you enjoy cupped Ramen and oven pizzas. You are pretty inappropriate but you have a sense of cleverness in you. Though you are at risk of trouble. Find out where your bum life gets you, as everything depends on your choices. Will you get in trouble, will you find some peace, will you stay the same, or will things just crash down - and most of all, will you even care in the end? [Rude, sexual, rough themes and language, slightly past PG-13] [New version includes items]