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Kinnitak Sikuk (Team 4)

You live in a sizeable village in the arctic ring. A village that has enjoyed peace and prosperity for more years that you’d care to count but as of late events have made a turn for the worse. The water has begun to run black in some places, the air is hot and cloying and the fish can no longer swim in these dark streams. The people of your village are growing restless and now their eyes turn to the daughter of the chief or now with the passing of her father the chief. His reign lasted 60 long years and it was at the halfway mark that he began burning the Kinnitak Sikuk. A black substance much easier to find than wood in the frozen wasteland of our home. It burns hotter, longer and stronger and seemingly has no downside your people can see. Now thirty years later the chief has died after months of severe coughing and it is up to you to decide what role you will play in the survival (or downfall) of your tribe. It’s been a week since his passing and with the mourning period over it’s time for the new chief to take control of the tribe.

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