Player Comments on Pon-Pon & Zen-Zen

-- Hi on 2/18/2020 3:30:23 PM with a score of 0
"Give her my eyes... she needs them more than I do.
Zen-Zen gives Pon-Pon his precious blue eyes. They are always together, the way Zen-Zen holds her in his arms and the way she smiles only for him... they say something without the need for any words...
I love you"

Excuse me? Is this a worse ending than being hit by the monster with one swing and die? ;)
-- TestingJest on 1/14/2018 10:23:46 PM with a score of 0
This was actually pretty decent so long as you stayed on the "right" path. Otherwise, you were confronted with some badly-written pages and the game ends very quickly. Very cute and probably doesn't deserve the rating it has.
-- Saika on 5/2/2017 7:38:47 AM with a score of 0
So short
-- Lancelot on 7/23/2016 12:38:05 PM with a score of 0
I gave it 4/8 I liked it until the end when the writer demeans the reader. It was well written til that part spoiled it for me. Short and sweet
-- JinDary on 12/29/2015 2:42:54 PM with a score of 0
It was too short.
-- Penworth on 6/14/2015 12:08:53 AM with a score of 0
cute but not very long
-- AthenaT on 4/23/2015 10:06:52 PM with a score of 0
Having traded arms and eyes with my loved one I now feel we are both ready to have our mutant children :) To be honest it was cute and a nice story but bits of it like the monster could do with more info. It is cute though and it is a nice story, for some reason I think pictures would go particularly well with this.
-- Will11 on 2/28/2015 2:43:15 AM with a score of 0
You totally had my attention... and then I hit the play button. xD

In all seriousness, no, it wasn't too awful, but you should check out some of the higher ranking story games and try to get a feel for writing with more... finesse.
-- Kiel_Farren on 5/3/2014 11:32:18 AM with a score of 0
D'awhh. That was cute. Not bad for a first story game. Only thing is, I'd suggest editing the game to get rid of that annoying bit that goes "BUT OH SHIT! THERES A MONSTER, WHAT WILL ZEN-ZEN DO!?!??!??!" The game was going well up till then, but when you write things in all capital letters and put a bunch of exclamation points and question marks at the end, it just looks immature and trollish. I'd edit the game and just re-write that sentence normally because all caps doesn't impress anyone.
-- Briar_Rose on 4/22/2014 5:42:24 AM with a score of 0
Well, not bad considering it's your first story. Make it easier for your readers to understand by giving some backstory and description, and you'll have yourself a nice fluffy story here.
-- Allusional on 3/25/2014 9:26:41 PM with a score of 0
I was a little confused at scenes in this story, as I did not understand some bits, but it was alright, so a solid 3.
-- EarthCollision on 3/24/2014 1:22:51 PM with a score of 0
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