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Clones Trapped (version 2.0)

This is a very short game that is created with intention of experimenting with new ways of presenting a story idea rather than a fulfilling game. The game is re-edited to version 2, and republished on 1/9/2018 based on some suggestions in the comments section. Hopefully, it is better than the previous version.


Yay or Nay?

A short game that is more like a test of what choice one would make in different situations

(Note: It is a short escape game)

YOUR story (of how you died)

Like the title said, it's a game about finding out the story of how you died by exploring the unknown for clues, and remember only one truth prevails!

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Need help! on 1/12/2018 9:04:04 PM

Okay, thanks for responding, BerkaZerka! I do admit that the game Delve! was a great inspirational force for me trying to make this game... although it being much much more under-developed due to my lack of skill. wink

Need help! on 1/12/2018 9:01:22 PM

Thanks a lot EndMaster for looking into the issue and republishing the game giving it a few days more of chance. yes

Need help! on 1/12/2018 3:59:16 AM

Well, thank you for the generosity, I guess.

But seriously, how does the rating system work anyway? I mean why does some very extremely short game with just a few clickable links receive high ratings, such as the example I will provide below, while some games that took a long time and effort to make and code receive low ratings? Seriously, it took me a long time to learn and script all the complex links for the game: Sword Arena, and I am definitely not trolling by posting games that even I would not even want to play. But really, were there no cheating behind the ratings for some games? 

a Fantasy Adventure by weissgab

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"How on earth does this have a four?
-- mizal on 9/30/2016 5:48:34 PM"

Need help! on 1/12/2018 3:40:11 AM

Yeah, well then there should at least be an update on the guideline, and a notification informing me that a rating of 2.53 is considered low rating, yet another game i think was '1980, parody' with a rating of 2.0 was NOT considered a low rating and lasted on the New release section even longer than mine. It really makes me question if there were other forces at work behind this. Thanks for responding though.

Need help! on 1/12/2018 1:27:13 AM

I have a question that need help or answer. The new game I created titled Sword Arena was published on 1/9/2018, and even within a week with a rating above 1 it got unpublished for multiple times and I had to republish it again. I would like to know if it were an administrator who had been taking down my game (which is in fact against the term policy since the game just got published and is even less than a week old) OR maybe my account was hacked and someone deliberately unpublished my game? Thanks a lot for any administrator who would care to answer.

Walkthrough for The Poem on 8/14/2017 3:14:35 AM

Ah great! I'm most thankful that you helped me solve this riddle that was giving me a headache! If I could give you thumbs up or send free virtue coins I'll be grateful to do so! laughyesyes

Walkthrough for The Poem on 8/13/2017 4:22:25 AM

Ah, I see, too bad then. Because I just can't seem to match HIS answer with the rhyme scheme. wink

Walkthrough for The Poem on 8/12/2017 5:29:48 AM

Well, thanks for posting the walkthrough. But it still doesn't really help.

Can you please elaborate on how you get the solution to the first riddle based on the rhyme scheme of the top and bottom part of the poem in more detail?