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Hi everyone. I'm AthenaT also known as Icestar or Icestorm. I absolutely love storygames and I hope mine shall be a success. I'm a warrior fan (as you should already know) and I'm hoping I'll be the one to clear the warrior reputation. Byeeeeeee


The Magisteruim - Part 1 - The Exam

You are Fernando, an 11 year old boy living in the outskirts of town. After the tragic death of your mother, you become obsessed with brnging her back. The only way you can do that is by being admited into the Magisteruim, but first you must pass the Exam.

Warriors: A New Dawn

You are Icestorm. You've been kicked out of ThunderClan by it's malicious leader. All hope seems lost but there just might be a new dawn.

Brothers til the end (Co-Author)

The crest and crowning of all good, life's final star, is brotherhood."

This story tells the tales and adventures of two beloved brothers after they have been separated as children. . . and how they came to be reunited.

The whole story takes place on a fantasy land called Gespartha, where Kings and Queens reign and where noble lords and ladies look down on poor peasants. It is where heroes are born and wars are waged; it is where slaves long for freedom and where warriors seek glory and riches.


The 49th Hunger Games

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The Weekly Riddle

A customer arrives at an apple cider farm with a five gallon container and asks the farmer to put four gallons of his finest cider into it. Unfortunately, the only measure the farmer has is a three gallon jug. Can you think of a way that the farmer can measure out exactly four gallons of cider using just these two containers?

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1. You are reading this

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The Hunger Games on 5/26/2015 8:15:14 PM

Because it's something I want to try

The Hunger Games on 5/26/2015 8:11:43 PM

A storygame

The Hunger Games on 5/26/2015 8:10:41 PM


Distinct 1 male* (Penworth)

District 1 female* (TacocaT)

District 2 male* (Chris113022)

District 2 female

District 3 male* (Deathdefender)

District 3 female

District 4 male

District 4 female

District 5 male* (PrincessTia)

District 5 female

District 6 male

District 6 female

District 7 male

District 7 female

District 8 male

District 8 female

District 9 male

District 9 female

District 10 male* (_Zomby_)

District 10 female

District 11 male

District 11 female* (Frost)

District 12 male

District 12 female* (imagine13)

* means it has been taken

The Hunger Games on 5/26/2015 8:02:31 PM

Soon, I will be making a Hunger Games story. I would you guys to submit tributes for this game. If you want to submit a character, the sheet is on my profile.

Brothers til the End on 5/24/2015 6:08:36 PM

I'll be happy to try

Anyone want to be in my storygame? on 5/21/2015 11:16:32 AM

1. Young girl with icy blue eyes and cinnamon brown hair

2. Merchant

3. Alison

4. keep me female

The Book Thief on 5/17/2015 11:33:43 PM

It was okay and it took me forever to read it

Story ideas on 4/27/2015 10:18:29 AM

I'm no sure if you should do it, the plot is like the plot in The Maze Runner except no maze.

Warriors Names on 4/25/2015 9:21:56 PM

Your pretty good that's for sure

Warriors Names on 4/25/2015 5:41:39 PM

Maybe someone that's a good writer will finally show up and make a good WC story