Star Wars: A Padawan's Journey part 8: War

A fan fiction storygame by JMgskills

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War. The most brutal battle this galaxy has ever seen is about to unfold. Both Sith and Jedi prepare their forces with one goal in mind: destroying the other. And in the middle of all of this is you. The hated enemy of both sides.

The battle about to be fought will not only change you but the entire course of history.


This is a Star Wars action/adventure game. I do not own Star Wars, I'm just using their work. The pictures are not mine and I do not claim ownership. This is not based on any continuity and the characters created are my own original idea.


It has been so long since the last update of this series! For all of those who have patiently waited for me to write I just want to say thank you. Trust me, I really wanted to finish this chapter sooner but this was a monster for me to tackle. As always, leave a comment. Guys, seriously, you don't know how much a comment means to me. Not only do you guys help me become a better writer by pointing out mistakes, you also encourage me to keep on trying.

Secondly, I really decked out this chapter in action. I've been reading lately that you guys thought my series has been lacking in action and I wanted to correct that(That's why it took so long for me to finish). If you guys still feel there needs to be more fighting let me know. Though I tried my best to put more in I can always improve.

Lastly, I've found that some people are upset that I don't branch my games and don't have multiple endings. By now, I think it is apparent that I don't branch but I suppose I should say it to make it clear: This is a series. Therefore, there are not going to be multiple endings. I'm sorry if this upsets you but that's just how I roll and one of the few things I feel no need to change.

Hope that clears things up.


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