Nightwatch's Experience Points

Nightwatch has a total of 1,455 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
6/20/20221Rate Game Multiverse Theory
5/31/20221Rate Game Courier 237
5/27/202210Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
5/26/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
5/22/20221Rate Game Biscuits and Ghosts
5/20/20221Rate Game
5/16/20221Rate Game
5/12/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
5/11/20221Rate Game Secrets of the Crag
4/14/202215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
3/28/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/22/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
12/6/20211Rate Game epic sword fight
11/26/20211Rate Game The Unsightly Treatment of One, Benjamin Schatz.
11/25/20211Rate Game
11/18/20211Rate Game
11/16/20211Rate Game
11/7/20211Rate Game A Hunted and Haunted Halloween
10/25/20211Rate Game Boobs!!!
10/18/20211Rate Game The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly
10/17/20211Rate Game James.
10/15/20211Rate Game Arizona Desert
10/11/20211Rate Game
10/4/20211Rate Game Explore Egypt
9/10/2021100Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Productive Citizen
9/9/20211Rate Game WARCHIMP
9/6/202110Publish Game The Razing of Nipthm
9/4/20211Rate Game A game of life
8/10/20211Rate Game Last Man Standing (Battle Royale)
7/14/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
7/14/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on FAILsafe
7/14/20211Rate Game Gig: Blast Damage Days
7/14/20211Rate Game FAILsafe
6/15/20211Rate Game
6/11/20211Rate Game The Green Arrow
6/10/20211Rate Game TheLight
5/31/20211Rate Game Rogues
5/6/20211Rate Game
4/30/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
4/29/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/14/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
4/9/20211Rate Game
3/31/20211Rate Game CYBERMONKEY
3/31/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/31/2021200Admin. Bonus - More Points For Contributions To Positive Changes Of The Site
3/30/20211Rate Game Twenty-Three
3/24/20213Create Game
3/21/20211Rate Game The Tale of the Foolish Princess
3/19/2021100Admin. Bonus - Faithful service as Official CYSTian Code Bitch
3/12/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/7/20211Rate Game Randomly Walk II, The epic sequel.
3/6/20211Rate Game
3/4/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
3/3/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/3/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Liar
2/26/20211Admin. Bonus - You tried.
2/20/20211Rate Game Jack at the Tracks
2/15/20211Rate Game Whats Behind The Door
2/15/20211Rate Game The Extensive Escape
2/14/20211Rate Game Brimstone
2/14/20211Rate Game Zombie world
2/13/20211Rate Game
2/11/20211Rate Game Laputa
2/10/20211Rate Game Web Escape
2/10/20211Rate Game livin like bren
2/4/20211Rate Game Test Run - NEVER USE JOE CHIN'S CHAINS!!
2/4/20211Rate Game Vincha
2/3/20211Rate Game A Night In The Forest
2/1/20213Create Game They Don't Move
2/1/20211Rate Game Silent Spire
2/1/20211Rate Game Winter, After the Harvest
1/31/20211Rate Game The Scary Night
1/30/20211Rate Game
1/30/20211Rate Game Dog Day
1/29/20211Rate Game The Liar
1/29/2021-3Admin. Penalty - Went down to Georgia.
1/29/2021-3Admin. Penalty - poor oral presentation
1/29/2021-5Admin. Penalty - Canceled by Twitter.
1/28/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
1/28/2021100Admin. Bonus - Called a champion!
1/27/202130Admin. Bonus - To pay back the Mafia
1/27/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/27/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Book and Devil's Altar
1/27/20211Rate Game The Book and Devil's Altar
1/18/20211Rate Game A Stroll in the Forest
1/15/20211Rate Game Blackbirds Close In
1/5/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/4/20211Rate Game Wolf's Story
1/4/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
1/3/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/3/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Suzy's Strange Saga
1/2/20211Rate Game Suzy's Strange Saga
12/31/202010Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
12/30/20203Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
12/28/20201Rate Game
12/28/202040Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Crusader
12/21/202030Admin. Bonus - Spreading the word on the IFDB
12/21/202010Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
12/20/20203Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
12/17/20203Create Game
12/17/2020652Admin. Bonus - Points from past life
12/17/2020-1Duel Escrow RPS
12/17/2020-1Lose Duel RPS
12/17/20202Win Duel RPS
12/17/2020-1Duel Escrow RPS
12/17/2020-1Lose Duel RPS
12/17/20201Win Duel RPS
12/17/2020-2Lose Duel RPS
12/17/2020-1Duel Escrow RPS
12/17/202015Create Account