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Hello and regards from the King of Poland, i am a very new story writer (As in have only ever written comics and may or may not have copy and pasted the entire communist manifesto onto a school board use site.

I was at first only using the site on my tablet/phone (Don't know why i just was) so my gammer was pretty bad, I'm terrible at writing on phones and tablets and such. 


10 facts that are mostly useless to you but i'm going to force you to read anyway:


1. If you orbit a black hole and look forward you could end up seeing your back due to the light being stuck on the event horizon and forced into circles around the black hole. 


2. China makes terrible pudding


3. French Canadians are mean


4. driving is very slow here in Canada due to the majority of our population being very old.


5. Due to the speed of light not being instantaneous it takes an extremely long time for it to get from some planets to others, any aliens looking at our planets from a far enough distance would see the earth during the time which dinosaurs walked the earth rather then the age of man, this is due to the fact that it takes so long for the light bouncing off of us to reach them.


7.I almost have my first proper job (Ran out of idea's)


8. God could potentially exist as stated by several prominent scientists' who I'm not stating simply because i learned this about a year or so ago and forget all of them, also a bit to lazy to search them up, The reason for the estimation is due to the fact that DNA could not have naturally evolved into what it is on earth, or there was to low of a chance of it, a similar reason with the big bang. (Remembered this from a while ago)


I know i said 10 but i ran out of idea's sorry that's it :D


My favorite hobby is debating philosophy and reading poetry should anyone want to socialize for some un known reason.



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Grifter Mod Seth on 9/30/2018 8:51:36 PM

I want to make a joke about that last part just want to ask permission first.

Atlas Trolled on 9/30/2018 8:46:41 PM

I assumed endmaster when talking of the masses was refering to the people in the back ground who mostly just come when they like reading and how strange it was that he seems to feel he deserves somthing for choosing to provide free (and admittedly good) content. Why refer to people as parasites when you seem to be expecting their gratitude for somthing you chose to give them for free. Of course you may not care about you yourself being parasitic which it makes sense then. Either way I know nothing about him so I'm not really sure of what kind of person he actually is.

Grifter Mod Seth on 9/30/2018 8:37:20 PM

Maybe but prefer to be called..... Revolutionary.

Atlas Trolled on 9/30/2018 12:12:38 AM

I agree free with all but the slobbering idiots part.

Atlas Trolled on 9/29/2018 11:42:22 PM

Ah I see now, it seems I was not looking at it the right way.

Grifter Mod Seth on 9/29/2018 11:32:42 PM

Ya I spent 30 dollars on chips today and only ate like 12% of what I had and left the rest to my cousins because I was bored.

Fiddling, Diddling and Supreme Court twiddling on 9/29/2018 11:24:26 PM

Morality in most cases is out dated though the only reason to bother with what the majority thinks right is to ensure and effective end goal, if their is no logical end goal all action before hand is stupid and most cases hindering.

Atlas Trolled on 9/29/2018 11:19:07 PM

If everyone earns the same amount the same rate inflation is meaningless though.

Atlas Trolled on 9/29/2018 11:17:06 PM

Yes, the people you rely to come to this site every few days looking for stories to read happily are "ultimately parasites" 

No Warrior Cats Guide Line. on 9/20/2018 6:04:58 PM

I actually kind of like the idea of letting you suffer due to never knowing what made it so horrible.