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My Life, The Sociopath

Invading an office building and pissing off a former serial-killer? Not smart.

You are Alexandria College, an office-worker and former serial killer diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Each day is exactly the same for you, providing a constant in your life, keeping you from slipping back into your old habits. You feel little to no empathy, but find it easier and easier to fake it with each passing day.

Then one day, everything changes.

Right when you get passed up for that big promotion, a group of terrorists attack the office. Blood is everywhere, guns are firing off, and you're taking cover behind a desk. Worst of all, they're demanding some mysterious file be delivered to them, and for each hour it's not, they'll kill a hostage. Normally this wouldn't bother you, but one of those hostages is your boss, and if he dies, you're out of a promotion and a job.

These assholes picked the wrong day to piss you off.


In My Life, The Sociopath, the main gameplay mechanic is the empathy/sociopathy/psychopathy system. This is not a traditional binary morality system, but rather a stat pyramid composed of these three. Throughout the game, your decisions influence these stats, opening up new options for you depending on how much of each stat you have. The stats are not polar-opposites of one another, but depending on the action, they can lower a corresponding stat in the process of raising another.

Empathetic options look like this.

Sociopathic options look like this.

Psychopathic options look like this.

To clarify, these do not represent an option that raises the respective stat, but rather an option that is only available to you if your stat is high enough.

Keep in mind that the best outcome of the game is only achievable by achieving a balance between all three stats, and that having too much of one stat and too little of the others can greatly impact your effectiveness throughout the game. Too much empathy and you're useless in a fight. Too much sociopathy and your goals become self-centered. Too much psychopathy and you become emotionally unstable.


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Writing a 500-word story segment every week for the entire new year.

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My resolution is to regain the fun I used to get from writing. Nowadays it's just so... boring. There's no passion involved.

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Any way to get a story title that's already used on another story? The story in question was unpublished for having too low a rating, yet, as it still exists, prevents me from using the same title.

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Probably the best advice anyone has given me on this thread so far, to be honest.

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Spending 9 hours reading is significantly easier than spending it writing.

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someone. someone, please, give me inspiration

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update i have written nothing. I really need to, but at this point I'm suffering some writer's block over the prologue.

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Santa gives him coal, he thinks it's a sign that America's future is in the coal industry.