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Gamer and avid reader of (almost) all things sci-fi and fantasy, coming to a place like this was probably inevitable.


I could say that I'm not particularly good at writing profile texts, but that would be somewhat over-used, and probably something of a social faux-pas in a community of writers, so I'll leave you with this:

28, male, North UK.

Currently working full time as a Corporate Security Officer.

Currently reading Surface Detail by the irreplaceable Iain M. Banks (for about the 5th time, I will add)

Current book collection consists of over 10 meters of shelf space, from a variety of authors, but mostly of the Science fiction (and most of that being Iain M Banks' work) and Fantasy genres (High Tolkienesque fantasy to some pretty gritty and grim low-fantasy) and is almost constantly being expanded upon.

Also recently made the move from last-gen to current with the purchase of an Xbox one X. If, god forbid, you have any interest in hanging out online, pm for my gamertag.


Anything else, well, it'll probably come out in the forums if its relevant.

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Hi on 3/18/2018 2:22:33 AM

I honestly read it as "shitzlover" the first time. 

St. Patrick’s Day on 3/18/2018 2:17:10 AM

Yeah, was a bit disappointed when my dad told me about the rugby result. "Because they needed another reason to get pissed tonight" was more or less my response over the phone.

Public Libraries on 3/15/2018 2:44:34 PM

I also prefer physical to digital when it comes to reading, there's nothing quite like that "new book" smell, or even the smell of a well cared for old book. My partner has a 100 year old hardback from her great grandmother that she won't even let me touch, nevermind read, hah.

I've not had much experience with libraries, myself, mostly because I was never short of reading material growing up, and as an adult I tend to buy books online via ebay (99p for a 600 page paperback, yeah sure!) or newer books via amazon/goodreads. 

Bookstores, though. I absolutely love bookstores. Whether it be a small second hand book shop with 6 foot high shelves, or larger bookstores with the walls absolutely covered, I can easily spend hours just browsing and flicking through. There's a three floor Waterstones in Newcastle city center that I manage to find an excuse to go into every time I'm going through, and my (third) loyalty card (get a stamp for every time you spend a tenner) is currently half filled.

Should I read Game of Thrones?? on 3/14/2018 3:05:30 PM

It really is a case of "How is this a question?", imho.


Chooseyourstory Discord? on 3/14/2018 2:44:05 PM

That thread is an absolute delight.

Finally started on 3/14/2018 12:26:46 PM

I think that's a compliment, but you are setting the bar pretty damn low there, hah.

Finally started on 3/14/2018 12:25:12 PM

UKSF team ( 22 SAS reg). Starting small so first one is going to be a "training" session with your new teammate - the titular FNG (Fucking New Guy). Already got an option tree sketched out for the second, but wanted to get to grips with the editor before committing to anything too branch-ridden.


Looking into variables as a sort of timer, almost. Hesitation/wrong turns etc taking more time, lower score/time is better.


Trying to avoid parallels with COD and other modern FPS storylines, ofcourse, wich isn't an issue for the second, but the whole premise for the first has been used in a lot of tutorials that it's almost a cliche, despite being a genuine training method, which I've even got some first hand experience with, myself.


E: Jesus christ, I'm not sure if I'm coming across as a COD fanboy or a fucking Walt....

Finally started on 3/14/2018 1:50:03 AM

Yep, finally started my first storygame. Taken it out of sneak peek mode (Ha! No nosing around for you lot!) so it isn't a source of shame.

Hoping to get at least 5 pages done this week whilst at work (Yay nightshift!).

Basically, it's going to be a brief introduction to a team of characters I'm hoping to make a series out of. Rough ideas noted down, and a couple of the not-main characters are based off of guys I've known for a long time.

Gonna put progress updates in here, maybe.

Hi on 3/12/2018 3:28:29 PM

Pretty sure the Avatar is a dude, BZ...

EndMaster’s Romance Story Contest on 3/10/2018 10:53:02 AM

Damnit, going to have to go read through all of it now...

E: Fucking hell yes! Also, I'm quite happy believing that's an End cameo :)