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Hey there.

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Welcome to Reality Preview

This story IS NOT the full version of the story I am writing currently.

This preview version is just to promote the full story.

This will likely backfire on me, but it's worth a shot.


Welcome to Reality: ClockHeart

After the death of two people close to her, Abigail Lilian unlocks something powerful deep inside of her.

Once she gains control of her power, she decides to use it to save the two people close to her: Her mother and her best friend, Tryssa.

Welcome to Reality: Don't Forget

A story adopted into the Welcome to Reality series. This part of the story is about two lovers without names. They end up getting into serious trouble, and that tempts their relationship to end.

Welcome to Reality: Randora's Darkness

The city's walls have become taller, stronger, and much more fortified. The people living in the city decide that only the purest of people should live there. As they decide to clean out their city by kicking out those corrupt, the corrupt from across the world attempt to get to them and wipe them all clean out.

Even though the walls were invincible, there were gates to allow people in and out. The sneakiest of the corrupted managed to get in, only to be killed by the people. They later on decide that they've had enough of them and decide to not banish them, but kill them. Only those with good enough ways to exit managed to escape, but only barely.

In this story, you play as an outcast named Randa. You've been corrupt your entire life, and you hate it.

As you live alone in the woods, you learn how to survive by yourself and hunt the Darkness to live.

As more and more of the Darkness show up, you worry that all life just might end, and that you're going down with it.

Welcome to Reality: The Evil Eye

Likely never going to be published because of the huge lack of storyline in this.

Don't expect this to come out, like, ever.

Welcome to Reality: The Magics

In this story you play as (nameless for now). In (name)'s current school, there's this female friend of his that he's been friends with since he first started going to that school. He admittedly has a crush on her, but when he's missed class many more times than most are aloud, he's been threatened to be moved to a completely different school. Since his friend, Tetra, doesn't live near him, and her family can't afford to move her, he won't be able to visit her.

But a great threat is also in the way of (name). The darkness among the forest threatens to end everything that the great Magics have created.

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Wonderfully 16 on 5/14/2017 12:03:18 PM

Two days ago.

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16 years old. It's weird to believe.

Story Filters on 4/15/2017 12:30:46 AM

oh, right, DUH.

Story Filters on 4/14/2017 11:54:42 PM

If this has been mentioned before, please tell me.

I think that we should have certain filters somewhere (like in the search place where you search for different stories) with different filters, such as the age of the story, or the ones that need help, or certain age groups it could be used for. I think it'd also be nice to just be able to find some short stories that you can read in only a short amount of time.

Kid-Friendly Adventures on 4/14/2017 11:44:06 PM

I think that we should have filters like that. A filter for the difficulty, length, words, etc.

Just to make it easier to find what you have time for or something.

The BEST story on the site on 4/4/2017 1:21:03 PM

What do you people think is the BEST story on the site.

I, personally, don't have the time and patience to just read any story, so I decided to come to you guys to find one (or several) that won't waste my time.

Aprils Fools on 3/30/2017 1:17:52 PM

microwaved soap looks like bread.

Aprils Fools on 3/30/2017 1:16:36 PM

Oh yeah, I read that one a long time ago.

Aprils Fools on 3/30/2017 1:13:32 PM

Pranks with loud stuff are the best pranks.

tape an air horn to the wall as a door stop.

put those popits you can buy at the store under a toilet seat.

tape an air horn under one of those office seats.

Aprils Fools on 3/30/2017 12:04:59 PM

April Fools is coming up this weekend. Anyone got any genius pranks up their sleeves?

I for one don't have a single prank to pull (Or do I?)

A good few pranks being pulled on this site could also be quite entertaining.