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Sore wa chigao yo! (No that's wrong!)

Hello there person that visited my tacky profile! My name is Plelb, but you can call me Plelb. I'm just this ordinary dude that doesn't really do much and tends to be such a slow writer that nothing gets finished. You're probably gonna get bored while reading this won't cha? Well, here are some random facts about me.

Favorite games: None. I prefer stories.

Currently watching: Soul Eater, Spongebob Squarehead, Your death noted, Sword Art Online, Your Mom.

Friends on this site: People and genderless robots

Current storygames I may or may not be working on because i'm really lazy:

Whispers of Hell
You play as a not so ordinary fairy names Rayen. For some reason, she gets pulled into the underworld because her turf got invaded by beings. More details soon... 

Actually just check out my storygames below, i'm too lazy to write it down on this profile. 





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The Lights of Liberation

Summary of the story:

Oh no! You need to pass your project about the expeditions made by people in Asia, America, Europe, and so much more. Of course, the deadline is after 2 days and you always do things at the eleventh hour. It looks like you have to read your history book for the assignment...

“History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, 'What is history, but a fable agreed upon?” - Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

There are numerous endings and paths depending on what you do for your essay and your choices as the explorers. Remember, You are able to completely rewrite history so the information in this edutainment isn't accurate. Could you achieve all the endings?

Extremely Important:

If you reach certain endings, you could play as some more explorers that isn't from Spain, Portugal, or Europe. Those explorers are simply added to your essays to get bonus points for your assignment. Do note that your choices can affect the life of those explorers.

Additional Notes:

This story is geared for kids around 10-13 years old despite it having a broad vocabulary. If you don't understand a word in this story, simply look it up on Google!

This story is a last minute entry for the January 2017 contest. I need to write about 200 pages per day if I want to make this work!

The Sinner's Nightmare
unpublished , coauthor

"I look around once again and observe my damned chamber. I twirl around like a ballerina and laugh. Oh, this is what feels like. To be truly free, one has to be imprisoned. A man cannot be tied to earthly desires. Nothing must pull him down. He has to love nothing but himself. I twirl round and round dancing to the beat of my heart. I laugh in my rasping voice. Soon, I grow dizzy and the walls revolve before my eyes.

I fall to the ground and graze my skin on the sharp rock. I close my eyes and listen to the laughter. I listen to the cries of pain. The sound is intoxicating. It is mesmerizing. One has not lived when he has not heard a man beg for his life.

I open my eyes again and I observe that the walls have changed. They have turned into steel and they are closing around me. The walls grow closer and closer. I open my arms and I smile. Death is coming. I long for it. But alas. It is not to be. I blink for a moment only to find that the walls have vanished before my eyes. Iron has replaced it. I am now in an iron cage. I am the iron beast. Man is a beast. No matter how much he hates to admit it, man is a beast!"


Man is flawed. Man is a monster. Man is madness. Man will pay for his crimes.

But, man must know, man must believe that in the midst of darkness and pain, there is always hope. There is always light.


Note: There are two paths in this story. The path of truth and the path of lies. There are several different endings in this tale. On second thought, scratch all that and just know this. This story is a little madness written by the madman in me?

Wandering Souls

 Summary of the story:

You, the protagonist is suffering through your inner demons. Inner demons that often cause you harm and when intense, no emotions at all. Time has gone weary, confusing, and pointless. There is absolutely no point in doing anything in your life as in a hundred years, most people born today will die anyways. Most of the time, you just sit on your bed, wishing those inner demons will go away... but they don't... nor they ever will. If a miracle happens than it's a different story but... maybe they weren't supposed to, because a 'miracle' doesn't exist. As your life is halting to an end, just a thought in your mind arises. What if you're able to fully immerse yourself in the past and... make small ways to change yourself in the present. Maybe if change is present, you could have... eternal happiness.

Special Thanks To and Cameos:

MinnieKing - 

Additional notes:

Please do note that this is my first storygame that I plan to complete and finish so constructive criticism is really appreciated.

Each and every action affects your future in little ways that you don't know. Maybe an action can completely change the background in your playthrough so be really cautious with every action that you make.

Images and GIFS in this story are 'borrowed' from Google than slightly altered to fit the needs of a CYOA about your inner demons.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate these to the people mentioned in the cameos.

WARNING: This story deals with some very dark matters such as Depression and OCD. This is a presentation of what would happen if this were to occur to you but be wary as this isn't completely accurate and some people aren't that lucky. If you are having any personality disorders or feel extreme sadness than play at your own risk.

Recent Posts

I need criticism! on 2/28/2017 4:56:41 PM

Hello there, Cystia. This time, I nee some criticism on a story I plan to actually complete. I've only wrote a few pages because writer's block took it's toll and for the early section of the game, your choices are inhibited due to plot reasons. I'm not sure if it's considered an interactive chapter so it might as well be a cutscene. Anyways, I know that you should learn of what I plan to do first because you can't form clear criticism without it.

Wandering Souls: You play as yourself, as the main character is never given a name. Each event in this story revolves around a certain theme or mental condition but the genre of this story is undecided. There are seven events total, and each represent a mental condition with a final 'boss' that represents one of the seven deadly sins. Not only that, but you're facing with depression making it significantly harder to fight for freedom... alone. Could you fare?

Other noteworthy details:

Numerous characters get represented as a medical condition such as OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder.

Each chapter also has a value to teach and is usually present in the fruit or gifts of the holy spirit.

This game is somewhat based on the religion, Christianity as the whole concept of seven deadly sins and 7 fruits or gifts of the holy spirit inspires me to keep developing on this story. Yes, I did my research.

Now here's a hyperlink to the story, you can criticize as harshly as you want, I can take it!

The Weekly Review - Edition 34 on 2/19/2017 4:14:26 PM

Really? I didn't know that he has both yours and Stryker's permission to use articles created by you. Although I get the idea that people are more likely to see them, I prefer the custom made articles. However, that's just my opinion.

Hi there, newbie here :) on 2/19/2017 8:04:27 AM

Welcome to Cystia! I hope that you enjoy your time here. Hopefully you're not an alt of someone that I may or may not know a lot about, Agnes.


Looking for Beta Testers on 2/19/2017 5:20:58 AM

I would like to proofread this game if it's alright with you. It sounds like an interesting idea for a story game I enjoyed and is slightly more advanced. Just a question, if you accept proof-readers then will you give answers to all the questions or do the proofreaders  have to guess the answer?

The Weekly Review - Edition 34 on 2/19/2017 5:08:26 AM

I liked the review this time. Even though it copied the whole article about orders, it's still just fine. I'm a little picky about the fact that there is no Thank You message at the end of the review, I totally have OCD and I want you to not forget the fact that it's there.

I realized that you may or may not have stopped using the RTE or Rich Text Editor due to the blandness of the weekly review's text. Don't worry, it's a learning curve if you did stop using the RTE. If you didn't then ignore the last few sentences mentioning the Rich Text Editor. 

February Contest & End's EdgeLord Contest on 2/18/2017 12:48:12 AM

Already joined End's edgy contest but i'm not sure about this. It's a good and easy way to get out of the SHAME well but... I'm skeptical about it. 300 words for a complete story... Give me a day to think about it...

[Game Design] Consequences of failure on 2/16/2017 6:19:57 AM

Consequences of failure eh? This is quite a hard topic but I somewhat disagree with death. I know that some deaths in stories are very... surreal and make some weak games. However, if deaths are evenly distributed and well thought than maybe it could keep a player going. Deaths in a few games like End's Ground Zero are well crafted and despite being surreal, fits the sci-fi genre. Non-Standard Game Overs are also good for some genres like Horror and Fantasy as it invokes one's imagination. However, this is just my opinion and please correct me if i'm wrong as I may have mis-interpreted the meaning of Non-Standard Game Overs.

Losing items or all items feel really tedious and overused for me. Getting them back is a hassle especially if the story is horribly done. There are some exceptions like when it's really well thought out and makes you feel the glory when you get them back. There's always exceptions for everything. Another exception is some sort of barren wasteland or island adventure which are a little common but it's acceptable to lose items because of natural means. This is a good consequence to readers assuming it's not common (Looking at you Lone Wolf Internet series) and gives you a feeling of glory or accomplishment.

Losing companions? Not sure how I feel about this but it must require great character development for it to work. I feel only experienced writers or writers capable of expressing emotions should do this in their stories. I think the dog in your story game The Devourer had a tiny amount of character development but it didn't really stick out much for me. The dog had so short screentime and though possible to invoke emotion in a short time, the dog didn't have much character development and for me, had no flaws rather than the reckless type. No offense to your great story though, it was a great read.

Revival makes death pointless especially if the death was well thought out. Though it can give you another chance for glory, it feels like death has lost all it's meaning if this was too common. A good way to balance this is to maybe try making it a chance effect or make it only possible once in a story. Respawning is though a a good idea, too overused. This should only be used a few times per game and only if the story is really long.

Future consequences stick out the most to me. It's one of the few reasons why I read and play CYOAs. This is a thing I always want from a linear story. It's usually worth it even if it requires a lot of advanced scripting. Even the subtle differences can make a reader care more for the story. I think I read a story before called Magium or something of the sort and wow, each and every consequence are extremely subtle and the writer is really experienced at writing them with vivid imagery. As you just mentioned earlier, you can't pull two or more of these assuming it was really big. If it was a subtle difference than it would be alright to do that.

As always, thanks for listening to my rambles and opinions that may or may not help you.

Me Versus Writer's Block (Motivational Thread) on 2/16/2017 5:50:40 AM

Hmm... I've been brainstorming for these past few days and I thought of something. Would it be a good hook if a story starts with a poem than afterwards the story itself? It seems like a good hook to me at least. Also, if you suggest it than should I do Blank verse poetry or well some sort of sonnet that isn't about love. (Sounds weird, I know but i'm not any expert at poems at all so please bear with me.)

Wonder whose good at poetry... @Romulus, @ISentinelpenguinI

weird foods on 2/14/2017 7:55:47 AM

So this one time, I imported some sort of weird egg thing from the Philippines thinking it was a one of those exotic eggs like duck eggs. It took quite a long time for it to arrive in where I live about 1-2 days. Thankfully the exotic egg has not spoiled yet. I cracked open the exotic egg with my frying pan prepared but the egg has a different... structure. It's really not describable and looks so not like a boiled or normal egg. I took a sip at the egg, thinking it would give me salmonella or whatever you call that bacteria is but it turns out, it's safe to drink. I didn't get explosive diarrhea. As I cracked it open to make bigger hole, I saw some sort of hard shell, legs, and... something yellow. I bit into the yellow thing and it tasted a lot like a harder version of egg yolk. No person in the right mind would bite the leg so... I pulled out the leg and I saw an object I won't tell you about. I bit it and it tastes really good. The other eggs I imported were eaten by me... eventually. I think that's what you meant by egg embryo right @Shinobi?

I also tried to eat toothpaste before and I nearly vomited.

Me Versus Writer's Block (Motivational Thread) on 2/14/2017 5:35:55 AM

I find it hard to start a story with a good opening. The story I'm writing about is Wandering Souls, a game about depression. So far, I wrote the first six paragraphs about the thoughts of the protagonist and are insanely long but to me, boring. Not sure if this hooks the readers...


I wish... there was a way to be able to end this once and for all. I want I to forget all the bad things that happened in the past. Each and every day, I wonder if this is what life has to offer. The constant emptiness apparent in my body, being barely able to function like a human being, lethargy taking over what's left of my energy. I just want all of these problems to end but... life isn't that clear and cut. I guess the only way to end this once and for all is to move on and keep pressing on. That's what I thought anyways, but i'm not sure if I will fare.

As these thoughts circle around me, I feel restless and tangled in fear. My muscles are aching and I am hyperventilating as I feel tingling down my spine. The world looks both far and near at the same time, a feeling that I can't describe. Sweat is running down my face, unaware of the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Everytime I wake up, despite sleeping properly, I still feel lethargic and frail. Even when I try my best to stand up and rise, I just collapse back unto my bed. Its like my mind is protecting me from the dangers that lie ahead or maybe its the guilt that I feel everyday. I'm not sure at all what causes this but today, I feel like I can break free from the hold of lethargy. I know that this is simply me fighting such a simple thing called drowsiness but if I manage to beat this than maybe I can feel in... control at least for a moment.

All of these surging emotions has really gotten to me. I can still function like a human being but its as if i'm trapped in a cage. I want to just spread my wings and soar through the sky but... one cannot do that without something to propel them. As most people know, it's impossible to propel a kite without wind. Actually... i've been living alone for a few years now and my social skills have dropped dangerously. About a year ago, I read an article that says social isolation can lower your life expectancy but that's probably false. I mean, i'm probably just an introvert and gain energy from staying indoors but deep inside, this is not true.

I try to look around me but all that I can make out in my drowsiness is a coat hanger, a rope, a butter knife, and... something that looks metallic and sharp. When I check it out, it appears to be a razor whom original purpose is to shave but something feels off. Why is there a razor next to me, I ponder in my mind. I feel a distant remembrance of the past as I try to recall what happened yesterday. No clear picture can be formed as I try to recall what happened, I think my mind is shielding me from the distress that happened yesterday.

As I keep my thoughts to myself, I feel like life has more to offer. Maybe I need to get out there to find myself and what I lost ever since that day. I try to rise up from what feels like ashes and I succeed. Such a simple task yet such a big accomplishment. However, that doesn't really help my constant emptiness at all, accomplishments like these don't help you much just like the letters in school. I remember constantly getting A's in school but the problem is, they feel really worthless. They are just red ink smuttered into a page and it doesn't even accurately represent your grade. Then the thought occurs in my mind, I must get up and do something in my life, no matter how big and small. This tiny amount of motivation may last me the day... or an action.


Stryker has proposed that I should write in fragments of a sentence as people with depression don't think complex thoughts like these. Not sure if I should do that so i'll ask some people to voice their opinions on the subject and ideas on how to improve. Yo, @mizal, @CrescentStar, @Seto, @BannerLord, @MinnieKing, @Orange. A little help here!

Anyways, he kinda redone my first paragraph with fragments of a sentence so I may be able to advance the plot further.

I wish. I wish I was able to end this, once and for all. I want to forget. All the bad from my past, all my mistakes, they haunt me. Each and every day. I wonder if this is all that's left. If this is all life has to offer. I feel it. I feel the pain in my mind as a pain in my heart, and it leaves me feeling... empty. I don't feel like doing anything, waking up is a pain. Some days I don't even leave my bed. I want it all to end. All my problems, go away. But I know, life isn't that cut and dry. I guess the only way out is forward, like that kid Charlie when he was in Willy Wonka's factory. I don't see a golden ticket waiting for me, though, life doesn't work like that when you're...