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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
snowStorm.snowColor = '#000000'; snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 96; snowStorm.useTwinkleEffect = true; snowStorm.autoStart = true; You play as a man named Tristan. You go in a seemingly normal world. There is just one problem. You are suffering from a feeling. A feeling that makes you sad inside. A feeling that makes you lose all creativity. A feeling that affects your life greatly. A feeling that fills you with insecurities, anxiety, and more. Can you cure it? Can you make it in one piece? Only your actions can decide your fate. "No one cares, They just pretend" "You keep it on the inside because that's the best place to hide" "Sick of crying, Tired of trying, Yes, I want to stop smiling but I have to keep lying" This story has a lot of endings depending on your choices and state of mind. Some of the endings can be extremely dark so be WARNED! This story is dedicated to Wigglewigglewiggle. Merry Christmas! WARNING: This game is about Depression. If you have this condition, Ask for help immediately! This is a serious condition. (Don't mind the score that you get, I use it to keep track at how bad or good your ending is)
The Sinner's Nightmare
unpublished , coauthor
"I look around once again and observe my damned chamber. I twirl around like a ballerina and laugh. Oh, this is what feels like. To be truly free, one has to be imprisoned. A man cannot be tied to earthly desires. Nothing must pull him down. He has to love nothing but himself. I twirl round and round dancing to the beat of my heart. I laugh in my rasping voice. Soon, I grow dizzy and the walls revolve before my eyes. I fall to the ground and graze my skin on the sharp rock. I close my eyes and listen to the laughter. I listen to the cries of pain. The sound is intoxicating. It is mesmerizing. One has not lived when he has not heard a man beg for his life. I open my eyes again and I observe that the walls have changed. They have turned into steel and they are closing around me. The walls grow closer and closer. I open my arms and I smile. Death is coming. I long for it. But alas. It is not to be. I blink for a moment only to find that the walls have vanished before my eyes. Iron has replaced it. I am now in an iron cage. I am the iron beast. Man is a beast. No matter how much he hates to admit it, man is a beast!" Man is flawed. Man is a monster. Man is madness. Man will pay for his crimes. But, man must know, man must believe that in the midst of darkness and pain, there is always hope. There is always light. Note: There are two paths in this story. The path of truth and the path of lies. There are several different endings in this tale. On second thought, scratch all that and just know this. This story is a little madness written by the madman in me?

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Ack! Posts being similar isn't plagiarism at all!
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He was being sarcastic!
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That was beautiful Brad. I finally got a tune stuck in my head :) Did you name the background music for this song? @Bradindvorak
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Yes, I agree with that! Sore wa chigau yo! (No, that's wrong!)
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The first thing we should do is learn how to make a good song. Do you know how?
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It's not just you, it happened to me too! I think there's something wrong with the nightly scripts...
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Yeah, you're right. I guess I should stop working on the story... Still makes the story anyways with other co-authors because I can and anything is possible.
Children continue to be a mistake. on 1/19/2017 11:46:40 AM
If Plelb was an immature kid this is how it would reply: "oh yeah? well i will beat you! You hertz my feelings so i will make debeste story evahhhhhh!" I see... Thanks for the criticism Mizal! We're going to stop saying random gibberish. So... Can I borrow your unicorn drawing now? We love you too :) @Mizal