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"Hail Sages Forever. The Motherland has officially called upon me to activate a rebellion.....one to rid the world of the filthy architects. For years the architects have walked among us, and we've called their people our own! Blasphemy! I have been given a prophetic vision of me, along my brethren, marching across the dunes of the Lounge to face our enemies. I am Prophet Jarius, and I have come to free my people from your dark ways! Today I will mark the beginning of the architect Purge!" - Prophet Jarius of the Sages

So does great age engender wise,
this traveller in human guise?
If so then lo for he is sage,
possessing such eternal age.
For he was here when Pharaohs ruled,
by Aristotle housed and schooled.

A nobleman, a peasant, slave,
but never to invade a grave.
Why does he now prepare to leave?
How does he think of us, perceive?
Have we outlived our usefulness?
Or is the truth the great distress.

The state in which we hold this Earth,
the pestilence, the wars, the dearth.
Such poverty amid such wealth,
where money means much more than health.
A ravaged soil, polluted seas,
a planet’s unheard warnings, pleas.

Perhaps the sage can bear no more
the suffering of tooth and claw.
The animal that Man is now,
our end assured, the question how?

-Al Muir

A sage is not a man, but a passage into our souls. An eternal guardian of a profound wisdom buried in us all. Taught by the spirit to awaken itself in others, and tempered by the time we are all subjected to. 
A sage is a thorn on the rose we all admire. To prick us from our sleep and lay us from our slumber. For when we awaken from our dream, can we seize the oaken staff that binds our hearts to the physical plain. 
A sage does not seek wisdom, but is wise through their journey. Each step a new world; each breath a city.


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