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I'm some guy online who makes choose your own adventures that are mostly edutainment/school based. They are 100% fiction/fantasy and they are completely weird and entertaining. I used to be a writer on inklewriter.


There's Glass on My Organs

WARNING: This game, although an edutainment story, has many references to video games and other stuff. Most people (if not all people) will NOT get most references. (unless you just happen to know) It is also very weird, strange, and downright crazy. Human body functions and systems are real. (so you can learn about them) Grammar and spelling mistakes are completely intentional. With these things, I hope that you can learn how the human body works. Rice not included. Are U Ready For Freddy?

This is a game where you go on a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagical AdVenture with your science teacher, Mrs. Avalos, to explore the body and have a 5th period of education and learning.

One day, while at your school, you accidently injure former history teacher Raymond Robinson, the cold stone killa, with glass. This glass injures 4 systems: The Circulatory, Digestive, Respiratory, and Excretory systems. You must shrink down and explore his body, collect all 4 damaged organs, and (hopefully) save Mr. Robinson. Or not.





























































































and you would know

(edutainment stuff doesn't actually start until after the first part, eh?)