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Glorious Sleep on 2/22/2018 12:15:44 AM
If I'm lucky, I get 6-8 half-hour sessions a night. Any less than that and I'm worthless. Thankfully, I have a caffeine addiction and start drinking strong tea throughout the day after my morning coffee to keep me going.

True story, bro. on 2/15/2018 3:14:50 PM
What really irks me is when people just parrot the old writing advice "reinvent a scene from a book" without qualifying it with "don't just reword it or slap wigs and fake mustaches on the characters". Younger and inexperienced writers might not really get what it really means. This isn't even a borderline case, in my opinion. Anyway, best of luck in this and hopefully you won't have to track him down, key his car and slash his tires to get justice.

Wildest experiences on 2/13/2018 1:51:55 PM
Jeez! That's messed up. A grown man pulling a gun on a six-year-old?! I just don't know what to say.

Wildest experiences on 2/13/2018 1:35:49 PM
I never tried it with a live toad, but we used to try and re-inflate the flattened ones we found on the road near my house when we were kids. Sometimes, they'd jump several feet in the air, and sometimes they would just disappear altogether. Taking care of chickens is easy. The way I was taught when I was still too small to really do it humanely is you snatch 'em up by the head, spin 'em like a Charlie Chaplin pocket watch and then snap 'em like a whip. Sometimes they run around a bit without their head, though, which is horrifying to a young child, but you get over it with time. At least, that's what I've heard.

Wildest experiences on 2/13/2018 1:17:05 PM
Maybe. Edit: I'm kinda drawing a blank on what my wildest experience might be at the moment. I'll think about it a while and perhaps post something later.

Wildest experiences on 2/13/2018 1:15:01 PM
I can relate. What's the point of even getting up in the morning if you don't have coffee? I once forgot to take coffee when camping above timberline in the Northern Rockies. It was drizzling rain and miserable all night and I was really looking forward to that steaming cup to warm my weary bones, but realized too late that the can was still on the table back at the cabin where I'd decided to make a pot for the road before heading out.

Another class project on 2/10/2018 12:01:04 PM
That's a completely different take on it than what jumped to my mind. I was wondering if the parents were forced to pay it in order to get someone to play with their child or if the state gratefully flipped the bill? Whatever happened to just tying a steak around a kid's neck so that at least a dog would be their friend?

December Contest Results on 1/22/2018 7:39:49 PM
Congrats to the winners! And thanks for playing to everyone else who submitted something.

Coffee & the magic of it on 1/21/2018 4:55:02 PM
I began my love affair with "The Nectar of the Gods" earlier than most, probably. I remember drinking a half a cup (with milk and sugar) every day before heading off to kindergarten and by the time I got home I was so exhausted by the expenditure of excess energy that I was more than ready for a nap. Probably something mom had been counting on when she gave it to me. By the time I'd entered HS and was working full-time, I was drinking it black and around a pot a day just to keep going. I'd only add sugar on days when it was bitterly cold out since my body was crying out for more energy than I could supply. I couldn't stand the taste, but I choked it down anyway. Then, somewhere in my late twenties, the caffeine from coffee no longer cut it and I was forced to switch to tea after only a few cups of coffee in the morning. Now I'm using a family size tea bag per glass and it's made a world of difference. Anyway, welcome to the party. Glad you could join us!

To Siri With Love on 1/21/2018 3:47:19 PM
By the sound of it, looks like I could get my Christmas shopping done early this year. Thanks, EndMaster.