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Featured Story Bestist Frend Jane
After his best and only friend's brutal death, a seven-year-old boy sets out across the country hell-bent on fulfilling her dream. Along the way, he must overcome his deficiencies—both real and imagined—to assuage his own pain and guilt.

2018 EPIC Contest entry

Thanks to everyone for pushing me throughout this contest so I could actually finish something for a change.

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Contest SHAME 8: EPIC SHAME on 9/24/2018 1:51:48 PM
Congrats to Corgi and Digit! And Thanks to everyone else!

Contest SHAME 8: EPIC SHAME on 9/24/2018 1:49:03 PM
That was very considerate of you guys. It doesn't sound very villain-y, though, unless you are planning to use me as an unsuspecting scapegoat in some grander scheme.

EPIC Adventure Thread on 9/23/2018 10:07:40 AM
I made it! Thanks to you and everyone poking and prodding me. It feels great!

EPIC Adventure Thread on 9/23/2018 10:05:48 AM
Thanks, Bucky! It feels great hitting that publish button on something I devoted nearly every minute of my free time to for a little over three months. I'm going to take a step back and catch my breath before diving into my next project. And now that I'm confident that I can actually finish something of quality, I'll try not to get distracted by something new and shiny. With any luck, I'll get a few more sizable games under my belt. It's been fun, I guess. But, this contest really wore me out. No more rushing to meet deadlines for me.

EPIC Adventure Thread on 9/23/2018 9:58:48 AM
Much appreciated, End. I'm still soaring from the rush. I'm hoping to do even better with my next story. No more contests for me, though. I've definitely learned my lesson.

EPIC Contest - The Contest to Rule Them All on 9/23/2018 9:51:32 AM
Like I said in the Discord, this is a real shame. I was really hoping you'd finish it on time. At least now you'll have the time to really focus on making it everything it can be instead of being forced to rush it due to a deadline. I'm still looking forward to reading it so I'll be anxiously awaiting it on the new games page.

How long does it take ? on 9/22/2018 9:13:50 AM
You could save yourself a lot of work if you use a program like Scrivener. Everything is arranged in a nice treeview on the left so you don't have to juggle multiple documents. And if you want to move a scene to a different location, it's really easy. I think every writer should have it.

How long does it take ? on 9/22/2018 9:07:21 AM
Approximately 39 years and three months for me. I didn't really plan it. It just happened. If it weren't for the looming contest deadline, I probably still wouldn't have a story.

EPIC Adventure Thread on 9/22/2018 8:57:25 AM
Well, I've finally finished something. Whether or not it's decent still remains to be seen.

Bestist Frend Jane

Thanks to everyone who continued to push me and cheer me on throughout the contest so I could actually finish something for a change. You guys are great!

EPIC Contest - The Contest to Rule Them All on 9/22/2018 8:52:31 AM
No sense in waiting for the last minute, I guess. Here ya go... Bestist Frend Jane Enjoy!

Edit: Even after going over this thing dozens of times, I'm still finding typos and jumbled up wording. Sorry about that, everyone. As soon as I'm allowed to, I'll fix everything I've found and put it right back up.