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Featured Story Bestist Frend Jane
After his best and only friend's brutal death, a seven-year-old boy sets out across the country hell-bent on fulfilling her dream. Along the way, he must overcome his deficiencies—both real and imagined—to assuage his own pain and guilt.

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Thanks to everyone for pushing me throughout the contest so I could actually finish something for a change—especially the other contestants who were both helpful and competitive. And thanks to BradinDvorak for help with CSS.

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Update About My Mom on 9/3/2020 6:13:39 PM

Wishing her well.

And I'm pretty sick of this virus, too. I'll be glad when it's only a bad memory that I can block out.

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 1:06:25 PM

As implied, I'm not judging here. You be you.

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 12:46:11 PM

My bad. I should've known you'd throw your head in at some point. I'll just back away slowly...

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 12:37:05 PM

It's okay, Thara. You don't have to rationalize it to me.

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 12:31:03 PM

Looks like the gang's all here. Not surprising since I can only imagine how difficult it would be to pull all those heads out of Mizal's arse once wedged in. I wonder if that's why she's having difficulty focusing? I mean, the uncomfortable factor alone...sheesh!

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 11:19:03 AM

Don't sell yourself short, even unintentionally funny has its merit.

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 10:53:32 AM

Don't we all...

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 10:22:33 AM

Well, well, well... If it isn't the Millidiot's Off White Knight. I thought you'd had enough already, but I guess not. Don't sweat it, it's nothing personal.

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 9/1/2020 9:23:06 AM

Apparently I did hit on something since Mizal has sicked her minions on me. Oh well, she can either continue with that same sad, teary-eyed song of hers or else try to do better. She hasn't improved since I've been here and I don't see it ever happening at this rate. I don't really care anymore.

Don't gaf about writing anymore on 8/31/2020 9:21:30 PM

Who's blowing up? I just thought I'd do my good deed for the day. Lot's of luck with your future writing, though I don't see it happening any time soon.