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"This story is told through the eyes of a madman... Who, like all of us, believed that he was sane." ~Edgar Allan Poe




In The Deep Of Night

A man on the edge of civilization, haunted by memories, journeys into the darkness of the forest in search of a monster; for in the deep of night, an evil creature hunts.


(Submitted For January's "A New Frontier" Writing Contest)

Stranded: On Familiar Shores

Play as a person stranded in his/her own backyard. At just under two centimeters tall every insect is a deadly predator and every trickle of water is an impassible river. Do you have what it takes to survive? Can you make it out alive, stranded in the most familiar and yet alien place on Earth?

Stranded: In the City of the Dead

Humanity breathes its last. It has been thirty years since the zombie outbreak, and no one is safe. You are a person just trying to survive in the remains of his/her broken world. When you find yourself stranded in the middle of an Infected city, it will take all your survival skills to make it out alive.

Vikings: Britain Asunder

Long ago have the Romans abandoned Britain. Their edifices and monuments have crumbled to dust and ash and in their wake chaos reigns. The men of Wessex, East Anglia and Mercia all look to their Christian God to deliver them from the fury of the Northmen and the Bretons, who swarm Britain like flies on a carcass. Now more than ever must they pray, for a coalition of Danes descends upon Britain, taking kingdoms one by one. In these uncertain times men look to shieldwalls as an opportunity for glory...
Or death.

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