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You can just call me L.E. Rachel. Or just Le. That's fine too.

I consider myself a professional freelance writer. Don't be afraid to message me about your storygames. I would love to give my feedback and opinion.

Also, I specialize in fantasy and horror. I take my works very seriously but I can joke around a bit.

Please be sure to visit my website for more stories.



The Rapture War

Created by one person. Me.

This story-game is based upon my original book series, Dragon Ryder. In which 4 heroes are tasked with a pretty darn cool adventure.

Anyways, this takes place about 2,000 years before all that happens. Three sides are formed, splitting the entire world and basically causing mass chaos and destruction. These are extremely hard times for anyone. You would think that it'd be very simple. Dragons Vs. Humans. But it's not exactly that. It's more like Dragons Vs. Dragons Vs. Humans.

Depending on what you choose, you can either aide the Tradition, The Fury, or The Alliance. There is also a secret ending if you get a score of 1000.

The first few pages are short, because it's just teaching you the mechanics of the game. You have several skills. Each skill (Your items) does something different in certain situations. Using the wrong skill at the wrong time could result in death. You can save at the beginning of each battle and at the end of each chapter.

Will Thatcher

A new face emerges in the aftermath of the 4 Heroes. After the heroes Riley, Renchant, Icarus, and Frost bring peace to the world, there is still conflict everywhere! Even though it isn't as serious as the world war that just took place, it's still your job to clean up after their mess. Or is it? Will you attempt to make the conflict worse or continue the strange peace that holds over the 9 regions?