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December Contest - Just A Doll on 12/13/2017 11:39:48 PM

Before you start hating,  I know I sound like a goon for even saying this but am I suppose to contribute to this? 

Rogues on 12/13/2017 11:37:27 PM

Absolutely Brilliant! I like your writing style. Easy to read.


Poetry Writing on 12/13/2017 11:35:07 PM


Poetry Writing on 12/8/2017 11:13:25 PM

Alight, I'm pretty sucky at this sort of thing. It might seem a little lame but I do read poetry from time to time and I do enjoy cracking their meaning. If you'd be willing to share some with me that'd be great. 

Does anyone here speak Esperanto? on 12/7/2017 7:31:06 PM

That's (mostly) true. I didn't have much of a choice though. I'm not one of those odd-balls that tries to get the whole world to speak it. Esperanto estas tre netauga

How many books are there on this? on 12/7/2017 7:27:15 PM


Does anyone here speak Esperanto? on 12/7/2017 7:26:16 PM

I know it's a pretty lame question.  I know many of you probably haven't heard of it but I was hopeful someone else did  My dad spoke it to me growing up so don't hold it against me.

How many books are there on this? on 12/7/2017 7:23:35 PM

I feel this idea is cliche but I was wondering if you guys know of any books where a person gets stuck in ice then wakes up multiple years later. (Besides Captain America.)

Oi on 12/2/2017 6:03:04 PM

Thanks guys. You all seem pretty relaxed and chilled. My type of forum. 

Oi on 12/1/2017 6:03:17 PM

Ha ha, mostly to read but I can write if you want.  What do you guys do? Poetry? Shortstories? That sort of deal?