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Hello. I don`t know what I should write here. So, I`ll write this:
I hate making decisions in real life. I hate not knowing what the consequences will be. But...
I love to make choices and decisions in games and gamebooks. Here I can do, what I want, knowing that I can always start from the beginning. That I can learn all different ways the story can go.
P.S. I just love to make "bad" decisions and watch how i f**k up the life of the Hero... But then i turn back time, and give him/her a beautiful life.

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A Water Simulator

Welcome to the Water Simulator. A game-book which is more a game than a book.
Have you ever wanted to be a drop of water? No? Well, anyway, you can try. It won`t hurt.

In this "game", as a little drop of water, you can do whatever you like. You can become a part of the ocean, you can be the glacier that sinked Titanic, you can be inside of a fruit, you can be digested by a human, or even sit still on the place you were created for the entire game. (if you choose the last one tho, the game will end pretty soon....)

Soul Shards

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Books from Hell on 12/13/2016 11:33:02 AM

Thank you for your suggestions. 

Books from Hell on 12/13/2016 11:30:37 AM

That`s where i`m going for my summer holidays =)

Books from Hell on 12/12/2016 4:50:44 PM

Hello. I like to read some strange books, and would love to read something where the main character is in hell. 
I`ve read @Inside, outside@ by Philip Farmer, @Damned@ by Chuck Palahniuk and @Divine comedy@ by Dante Alighieri.

So if you know some books describing the life in hell, let me know. Thank`s.

Ubik by Philip K. Dick on 10/14/2016 1:06:20 PM

Okay, thank you very much for the recommendations. 

Ubik by Philip K. Dick on 10/13/2016 5:08:05 PM

Thank you for the quotes. These are very interesting thoughts. I thought about some of them but haven`t managed to choose one. I`m just torn apart by two possibilities and can`t decide which one is "right".

1 - Everyone is dead. But Glen has a stronger "mind/soul" and his Half-Life reality is not so warped. Because of this he even thinks that he is alive and can somehow save the "minds/souls" of his team in the Half-Life

2 - Only the team is dead, but somehow the changed/warped reality in the Half-Life "leaked" into the real reality. And that`s why Runciter saw the Chip coin. 

P.S. One more thing. Can you please recommend me some of his works?

Ubik by Philip K. Dick on 10/13/2016 2:38:13 PM

Well, didn`t know that he was like that. I`ve read his "Second Variety" and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?". Both are pretty good. Yes, they are strange, but they do have logic in them. They both have a beginning, main part and ending, which are connected and make sense in the end. The stories have a clear finish. But "Ubik" is different. If you delete the last chapter, the whole story is making perfect sense. The team is dead. Runciter is alive. And Chip continues his fight in the half-life. But the last chapter. The last few words bring the confusion in. Why did Runciter see Chip on the money? After that my mind started making theories and had a short circuit. 

Ubik by Philip K. Dick on 10/13/2016 5:21:18 AM

Hello. I have finished "Ubik" just a few minutes ago. And I`m lost. I don`t know what I have read. I mean this book is great. Philip Dick knows how to tell a good story. But this was something that I can`t explain. At first I thought that this will be an ordinary sci-fi book. With a plot, which I should understand after a few pages. But it twists. I thought that I will read about an adventure in the future with people who had psychic powers. (that`s what the beginning is all about) But it suddenly changes to a little bit too dark story in some kind of a past time. And at the end, when everything became somehow clear. When only two pages were left. A hit in the lower stomach. Another twist. And after those few words at the end of the story I got really confused. I thought I understood what was going on through the whole story. But at the end I don`t really know what happened. And who even was the "main" character... Spoiler: Who was dead? Who was alive? 
So, if you`ve read it, I would like to hear your opinion on the whole thing. If you haven`t read it, I highly recommend you to read it. (and then to tell me your thoughts) 

The menu disappears on 10/4/2016 12:58:25 PM

The simple way is not for me, a like to work with several tabs at once =) I`ll better switch to FireFox then. Thank you for your help.

The menu disappears on 10/4/2016 1:12:29 AM

The general storage place isn`t used that much. 20% is used, and 80% is free. So I don`t think that is the problem. Maybe it has something to do with RAM. I don`t know...


The menu disappears on 10/4/2016 1:08:22 AM

On my laptop - yes, it happens every time i open CYOA in multiple tabs. I`ve checked on another laptop, and CYOA works perfectly fine.

If i reload one of the pages it fixes itself on the reloaded page, but if i click on another tab, and then return back to the "fixed" tab, it is "broken" again.