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Looking for an old RPG story on 1/7/2020 6:26:56 PM

I think I got confused with that one. I thought that other authors had written stories that shared lore with stories Endmaster had written. 

Looking for an old RPG story on 1/7/2020 6:26:09 PM

Thanks I'll check that out

Looking for an old RPG story on 1/7/2020 4:38:14 PM


I've been an on again / off again fan of this site for a few years, but only today decided I should make an account. "Rogue" pulled me back into it again. Though I'm not certain I should have said that, cause I can imagine Endmaster already gets more praises than that's good for ones ego.

Anyways reading Rogue made me realize there's a connected bit of fantasy lore shared by a few authors. I remember one more RPG style story, in which you could choose your faith (Fel, Donna, Kain, etc) and get a pet manticore which you also name Spikey. Rather early on you could chose to get possessed by a demon, for a rather interresting playthough. 

I'd love to get deeper into that lore. So if anyone could tell me which games are tied to it, than that would be very much appreciated.  

Hello! I'm new, nice to meet you all! x2 on 1/7/2020 4:29:09 PM

Hi, figured this was a good threat to introduce myself.

I've been an on again / off again fan of this site for a few years now. Played/read some of the more well known games/sides from this site. (Got 8 different epilogues from Eternal). I write for fun occasionally, but don't know if I'll ever post a story.

I teach physics, am 29 years old, and to be brutally honest am a bit of a jerk online. I really need facial expression and tone of voice to communicate properly with people, so I apologize in advance. Any moderators would do me a favour if they point it out when I'm being hurtful or rude.