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   Hey, my name is dischead. I'm not that new to this site, yet I may seem like it. I introduced myself in the forums a while back but stopped going on this site but now I'm back. One of the biggest projects that I'm working on is called "The Afterfall," which is another zombie story (I know, haven't we already had enough of these), and also "Pokemon~ Kanto," and which I plan will expand into a series going into the other regions. 

   When I grow up (I'm 14 right now) I plan to become a writer, I have accounts on Fanfiction, Fictionpress, Wattpad, and more! On Fictionpress, I am currently writing a fantasy story that has expanded into a trilogy I think you might want to check out. All of the sites are under the same username to make life easier. 

Current Projects

1. Abduction (In the middle of completion, about 55 pages more or less)
2. Under the Earth (Only one page right now, still on the conceptual idea)
3. LIFE (A random conceptual idea about life, honestly have no idea about this one) 
4. Executor (An idea about almost being executed) 
5. The Path to Freedom (An idea I plan to carry out about falling into a worm hole into another dimension) 
6. The One (Originally this was a story idea that I was going to write, but now I think that it would make a good storygame)
7. The New Colony (They send you and a group of people to another inhabitable world to establish a new colony) 
​8. Total Drama Island: A Brand New Story (Pretty serious about this one, even though it might take me a while  to complete)

The Pokemon Journey (10 Part Series)

1. Pokemon~Kanto (In the beginning as of now, working with all the kinks and whatnot of the Advanced Editor. If someone would like to take this idea and expand upon it, i'd be happy to let them do it. I'm bad at advanced concepts)
2. Pokemon~Orange Islands (Future)
3. Pokemon~Johto (Future) 
4. Pokemon~Hoenn (Future) 
5. Pokemon~Sinnoh (Future) 
6. Pokemon~ Kanto RELOADED (Future)
7. Pokemon~Unova (Future) 
8. Pokemon~Kalos (Future) 
9. Pokemon~Indigo League (Future) 
​10. Pokemon~Alola (Future)

The SURVIVE series
1. SURVIVE: Plane Crash (Meant to be a short series to test extreme situations using only skill and luck)
2. SURVIVE: Tsunami (Future) 
3. SURVIVE: Hurricane (Future) 
4. SURVIVE: Earthquake (Future) 
5. SURVIVE: Explosion (Future) 
6. SURVIVE: Bridge Breaking (Future) 
7. SURVIVE: End of the World (Future) 

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Your hiking through the forest until a UFO abducts you. You continue the story from there. This is a big fantasy story about going to different worlds, aliens, space, and many more. If you like that kind of stuff then I recommend this.



Pokemon~ Kanto

Browsing around this site, I couldn't really find a decent Pokemon adventure with so many choices an options to I decided that I should make my own.

This is a long story,and which i intend to make other adventures in other regions. You could replay them, discover new choices, and live the journey to its fullest!


SURVIVE: Plane Crash

This is a short story game to see if your good enough to survive a plane crash which is actually kinda hard when you think about it.So this is basically a little survival story.

plane crash.jpg


The Afterfall

Zombies. That is what the world has come to. At the beginning: Every man for himself. Then, in the Afterfall, find, help, and vanquish. Find a survivor, help him/her in any way, then use that person to help vanquish the enemy. That is the big change in society that the world has come to. How we think, act, and physical self ... change.

HUMANITY: That is how of a person you are. If you get below 0, you're turning more into a monster than human. 
HEALTH: This is self explanitory. If you run below 0, you're dead. The max you can get is 30. If you go above 30, you get the Adrenaline Rush achievement.
LOCKPICKS: Also self explanitory. When wondering around you might run across locked doors. That's where the lockpicks come in handy. Be careful and keep watch over how many you have. Be conservative. The most you can get ever in the game is 500 but that's nearly impossible.
MONEY: Money still has a use in this game. You are probably going to come across civilization in this game and their probably charge you for food, armor and weapons. 


Note: this option was only made to increase the fun and have the readers to jump in multiple times to try and complete these achievements; for fun and is not mandatory. Points are totaled up to calculate your score.

1= Adrenaline Rush: Get the Adrenaline Rush in any Campaign. 20 points.

2= Manly Man: Complete the Male Campaign. 50 points

3= Female Power! Complete the Female Campaign. 50 points

4= Invention: Create the cure in the Female campaign. 70 points.

5= It all Ends: Find the cure in the Male campaign. 60 points.

6= No Death: Get all your team members to survive in any campaign. 100 points.

7= Rich: Get 5000 dollars in any campaign. 50 points

8= Man: Beat the Boss. 100 points

9= Niss: Beat Niss. 60 points

10= Traitor Amiss: Discover the traitor in the Male campaign. 20 points.

12= Sacrifice: Get the Heroic Death ending. 70 points

13= Swim Rescue: Swim to shore in the Male Campaign. 15 points.

14= Klydome: Defeat the Klydome in the Female Campaign. 30 points

15= Mosie in a Minefield: Meet Mosie in any campaign. 20 points

16= Finally...: Receive rescue from the military. 30 points

17= Zaedok: Find your first Zaedok. 20 points.

18= Sole Survivor: Become the Sole Survivor in any campaign. 20 points

19= First Blood: Kill your first zombie in any campaign. 5 points

20= Ruins of a great City: Discover Estragor. 20 points

21= Fallout: Find a Fallout Shelter. 50 points

Total Drama Island: A Brand New Story

This is meant to be one big TDI story that doesn't go by the books (or the show, in this case), anything can happen in it. Your O.C plays a major role in who either wins or loses. You can make it all the way to the merge with all your team still standing, or you can end up getting the boot a little earlier than planned. You can have a love interest within the cast, enemies, alliances, anything. Only you can decide.

There are 27 possible endings. 4 of them involve you winning, and 22 are for each member of the cast making it to the end while you get the boot early. The last ending is the mystery ending that I won't give away just yet.

Just to keep in mind, this is no walk in the park, every choice you make is critical for what happens next.

Total Drama Island: A Brand New Story101

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