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Your name is Crystal and you are a graduate student in zoology. In your college, zoology has opened a new research project on animal viruses. The aim of the project is to use viruses in animals to make them more easily tamed. You were selected to participate in this project because of your excellent grades.

The experimental base is not in the school because this project is so large, but in another city. Your uncle Abbott is just the head of the project. Your responsibility for this project is mainly clerical work, so you do not need to go to the experimental base. The main responsibility of your uncle Abbott is the experiment. You have been keeping in touch.

A month ago, you could not contact with Abbott. The news ran on that laboratory scientific failures had resulted in many animal virus infections. Therefore, the animals become very aggressive. Some animals even undergo biological variation. Since the virus spreads through the air, animal infections have become uncontrollable. Abbott has said that labs have antivirus agents. It is just this potion is not maturing enough. Successful development of pharmaceuticals still missing a key item.

You think you have some responsibility for the accident. You also have relevant expertise. Therefore, you decide to go to the lab and configure the potions.