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Hello everybody, the name's Ericyopy and I'm a budding author that wants to make people enjoy a story for what it is, a product created with heart and soul. I don't usually finish products I want to because I don't have motivation but I always try my best whenever I work on something. Other hobbies that I enjoy doing other than writing is video games, drawing, singing, magic and doing comedy. I have a simple goal in life, to make others happy and enjoy the life they were given, and I will accomplish that goal through words that speak with fire and flare. Anyways, hopefully you have an awesome day, see ya later!

NOTE: Anyone interested in getting permission to read any stories that were once published or being currently worked on can PM me. Anyone who would like to co-author on my story or have me as a co-author can also PM me.

Current Home: Earth

Current Job: Living

Current Race: Human

Current Gender: Alien

Current Look: Summer Wear

Favorite Genre: Fantasy/Historical

Current Interests: CYOA, WW2, Fighter Aircraft

Currently working on:

Hand Gun

Other secret projects...


Gemstone Swords

[BerkaZerka's Summer Slam Contest 2017]

The Industrial Revolution has found itself in an alternate timeline on Earth in which technology and factories are on the loose. Minadium, a gemologist with a blacksmith for a friend, has the brilliant idea of creating swords made of gemstones! But Minadium soon finds out that this hobby isn't going to be just for fun anymore...

NOTE: Based on my short story I had to write for school: Gemstone Memory.

Hand Gun

In a testing facility on the moon, a secret government project is being developed. It is the 10th project to be developed and the government plans to use it to defend the planet.

BUT! No. 1 says otherwise!

You are Project No. 10 and when No. 1 captures you from the facility, you are given an all new life to play with. But will you continue to live the free life or play into the hands of the government?

NOTE: Feel free to play any music that is mentioned while reading. It might help the mood.

Recent Posts

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/22/2017 9:57:49 PM

Looks like I have a peer to compete against. Good to know I'm not the only youngling but hey, give yourself confidence. The worst thing is to downplay yourself especially when now I have another thing to motivate me which happens to be you. Don't disappoint now.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/7/2017 8:56:36 PM

Mostly local and few regional events. The story isn't much of a "save the entire world" but more so a conflict involving a single or few locations. It isn't much of a typical Marvel or DC comicbook/movie plot where it's "destroy the villain who can blow up the universe by touching it!". It's more personal, a good example being Marvel's Logan movie; which was a story not about saving or affecting the entire world but the personal emotional conflict between Logan and what he has been asked to do and what he thinks is right for himself.

Also I guess a good point to add is the fact my superhero doesn't have superpowers and is more of a batman/iron man type character. Using tools created from resources available in the time period.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/7/2017 9:31:22 AM

Well it isn't going to be as easy as copy and pasting. (Wouldn't do that anyway because I have pride and that is cheating in my eyes.) I'm basing the CYOA off of the story, using characters already written but I'm completely rewriting and adding plenty other plot points. Plus the short story is something I had to write for school and way too linear to even try to "copy and paste".

So it's not me paraphrasing my story but rewriting and changing it in a way where it's completely different than the original source material. It would be like if I was converting the short story into a movie or a video game, (Best example of my scenario, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty": a movie based off the short story but has COMPLETELY different plot point while still retaining the "daydream" idea.) it would have the same concept but wouldn't be the same story or plot.

So in short, taking a pre-existing character and idea then fleshing it out to make it longer, better (in my eyes) and more enjoyable to read without copying then changing it. That would be me plagiarizing myself! Wait... Is that possible? Whatever, not doing it anyway.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/6/2017 6:17:39 PM

Woah how convenient, I get back from my 1 month vacation to Malaysia and there's a new contest waiting for writers to write and procrastinate? Also one of the last things I officially wrote was a superhero story! Well time to make it CYOA and maybe this time, after relaxing and being in another country, I will actually write something of value.

I bet 125 points; now I hope my odds are lucky.

Now watch 75% (including me) rush at the end. Praying it doesn't happen. New host, new contest, better results.

Dust Bowl (Warning: Story from 6th Grade) on 5/27/2017 6:16:09 PM

Basically as the school year is closing for me, I've decided to read some of the stories that I had wrote in my younger years. It's always fun to see how much you've grown when looking at older (usually cringy) works. This is one of those stories. When I was in the 6th grade, my science teacher told us, "Write a short story about the Dust Bowl (Basically a time where nature said, "the desert has sandstorms, so why can't the farmlands have duststorms? And the occasional snuster.) and be sure to include Black Sunday (Black Friday if it "actually" killed people) and historically accurate information."

That's what I did. Of course, being the writer I was, and still am, I wrote this story with class (Pun not intended) and for being as young as I was. I believe this is pretty impressive. Then again, anyone reading, feel free to criticize and judge. It does help in the long run and it's fun to poke at older writings.

There you go, read, enjoy (or loathe) and comment.

Chaos Contest Results on 5/16/2017 10:02:01 PM

I have been blessed by Endmaster.

But I unpublished the story because like others and I thought, the story was largely unfinished due to,

1. School activities including MORE WRITING, after school activities, state testing, huge end of the year projects, etc.
2. Procrastination! We all know what it is.
3. The research (which I wasn't able to use most of due to time restraints) was a lot more overwhelming than I thought it was going to be. When searching up 31 (was 32) deities and trying to find out their origins, it took a lot of time and I feel like, more than it needed to be.

Although I am proud of being able to get what I could in the time that I had. And for those interested, I will be working on Deities of Exiterrium and actually being able to expand on Pacem (which was the one I said "screw it" to because I had no time left) and give all the deities the limelight they needed. But during the side, I will work on Hand Gun, another sci-fi story that will be not very serious but just fun in general. ALSO I will be working on a narrative for school so basically I won't be able to work much on stories on CYS. I will be making a post later about Hand Gun and more information, but basically I'm looking for those interested in co-authoring or beta reading my story while I'll be in Malaysia where I can't post on the forums or work on stories much.

And for those who REALLY want to read Deities of Exiterrium, can PM me and I'll send a link.

Chaos Contest on 5/1/2017 12:10:54 AM

Let the SHAME festivals begin!

And the sacrifice of Ford to the CYS Gods!

Chaos Contest on 5/1/2017 12:02:19 AM

Woah Ford actually submitted a story, already broken my bar of expectations.

Chaos Contest Link Thread on 4/30/2017 11:58:16 PM

Chaos Contest on 4/30/2017 6:29:27 PM

I think it's a food of some sorts.