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Hello everybody, the name's Ericyopy and I'm a budding author that wants to make people enjoy a story for what it is, a product created with heart and soul. I don't usually finish products I want to because I don't have motivation but I always try my best whenever I work on something. Other hobbies that I enjoy doing other than writing is video games, drawing, singing, magic and doing comedy. I have a simple goal in life, to make others happy and enjoy the life they were given, and I will accomplish that goal through words that speak with fire and flare. Anyways, hopefully you have an awesome day, see ya later!

NOTE: Anyone interested in getting permission to read any stories that were once published or being currently worked on can PM me. Anyone who would like to co-author on my story or have me as a co-author can also PM me.

Current Home: Earth

Current Job: Living

Current Race: Human

Current Gender: Alien

Current Look: Jacket All Day Every Day

Favorite Genre: Fantasy/Historical

Current Interests: CYOA, WW2, Fighter Aircraft

Currently working on:

Hand Gun (Left on hold)

Supers Engage! (Revived project)

Other secret projects...

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Gemstone Swords

[BerkaZerka's Summer Slam Contest 2017]

The Industrial Revolution has found itself in an alternate timeline on Earth in which technology and factories are on the loose. Minadium, a man with a lust for gems, with a blacksmith for a friend, has the brilliant idea of creating swords made of gemstones! But Minadium soon finds out that this hobby isn't going to be just for fun anymore...

Only 2 epilogues were created due to poor planning.

NOTE: Based on my short story I had to write for school: Gemstone Memory.

Hand Gun

In a testing facility on the moon, a secret government project is being developed. It is the 10th project to be developed and the government plans to use it to defend the planet.

BUT! No. 1 says otherwise!

You are Project No. 10 and when No. 1 captures you from the facility, you are given an all new life to play with. But will you continue to live the free life or play into the hands of the government?

NOTE: Feel free to play any music that is mentioned while reading. It might help the mood.

Supers Engage!


Stuck in a mountain for 3 years, only to be set free by an army that is seeking to take over the world before their rival, Steward, a 16 year old boy that belongs to the extraordinary family of superpowered children, is put into a war where he faces family conflicts and battles for victory.

Also here is some history if interested:

This story was originally written in 2014 for a school project but the full story was never finished and left to sit in the dust until now. I loved the story and characters I had written for this narrative so I couldn't just scrap it, I decided to turn it into a remastered edition of the original story I had put much heart into. Also I wanted to create something different but not too bizarre, and thus this was born. Hopefully you will enjoy the narrative that I have poured much heart into and please, remember to critique as it will help me write better pieces that I hope I will be able to create.

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BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 9/24/2017 2:37:48 PM

Oh exciting! I am ready to see the results and many others are as well I believe.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 9/21/2017 9:04:36 AM

Well, it is better than never! Plus, it gives a sense of suspense!

BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread on 9/18/2017 7:52:30 PM

With most contests, you can usually PM a judge after the contest if you are curious in their thoughts and some members on the website will most likely post reviews on the front page of your story. On the contest results thread, some judges will post which stories they voted for so you may look forward to that as well. I wish luck to all of those who have entered by the way.

BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread on 9/16/2017 9:04:51 AM

I can't really remember and can't bother to check since I'm on a mobile device right now but my word count was around 30,000 and page count was maybe 39. My biggest flaw in this story was that I had a good concept but poor planning led to a lot of writer's block and I basically spent a lot of days trying to figure out, "What the heck am I doing?" But this was definitely rushed like my other stories (if you are wondering where they are, they're in my archives) and if I had actually given myself time to think and planned accordingly; I could have stretched the story to 5 epilogues.

Wrapping up all that, I didn't think the story was my worst nor my best. Honestly it was probably the most normal story I have ever written and I enjoyed that. Being able to relax and not focus on super complicated plot points or abilities. Although now that I say that, I did have another idea for this contest that might come to light some day...

It also sits in my archives, waiting for me to finish it. I'm a guy with a lot of ideas but too lazy to put them down. I can recognize that and one of these days; I will bring a semi-masterpiece to life. Or death.

BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread on 9/16/2017 12:32:26 AM

I'm guessing either most of the people forgot the deadline, misinterpreted the deadline or just didn't care. Which is horrible since this contest had a lot of promise from so many participants.

BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread on 9/16/2017 12:08:16 AM

I wish personally that I was not naive and thought we had one more day to finish this.

BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread on 9/16/2017 12:01:26 AM

Here comes the slew of unfinished stories.

BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread on 9/15/2017 11:57:32 PM

There we go, finished and I will be honest, I did slack but was doing really good work in the beginning. But as the days went by, my life began to get busier and I had less time to focus and found myself having writer's block too many times. Even with those problems, here is the product. I do believe it is one of my better works but that is up to my fellow writers to decide.

Judge harshly and critique nicely. Any feedback is nice as a writer who still requires much more practice.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 9/15/2017 11:51:20 PM

Decided not to take a chance and published it sooner instead of cutting it too close. Another semi finished story game added to the roster.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 8/27/2017 6:37:11 PM

As long as you aren't traveling anywhere, you should be perfectly fine. Gotta ration that food and stay safe.