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Hello everybody! The name is ericyopy and I am a writer aspiring to become tremendously better. Although procrastination has had conflicts with me in the past, I am determined to overcome it. Writing is a strong passion of mine and one of these days, I will see my best and most passionate projects come to life and it will be a glorious day. Anyways, enough talking about glory, may the reader of this profile have a great day or night.

NOTE: Anyone willing to work with me may PM me. I am usually available since I am a person with no desire to sleep. 


Current Home: Earth

Current Job: Living

Current Race: Human

Current Gender: Alien

Current Look: Coat all day, everyday

Favorite Genre: Fantasy/Historical

Current Interests: CYOA, WW2, Fighter Aircraft


Quotes (that I find interesting):

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." - Margaret Mead


Currently working on:

Supers Engage

Other secret projects...



(Killa's Spring Thing Contest 2018)

For decades, mankind traversed the world by sea. In impressive vessels of mass proportion, humanity sold their goods, fought for blood or sailed for the smell of the sea.

However, the world was changing and humanity has begun to get rid of the sea dogs in trade for safer waters. Although a step into the future, the once infamous pirates of the ill fated waters had begun to fade into history.

Captain Rogers, prove to the world that you will not be forgotten. Make them write your name into the books and send one last message to a new age of mankind.

Beyond Reach

It is the year of 2376.

The population of Earth has decreased tremendously over the last few hundred years. Constant wars and genocides have led to a world that seems to no longer function. However, it seems that in North America, there is one civilization that continues to exist and is one of the last livable cities on the planet.

In that city lives one person who has the chance to change the entire course of history from now on and if humanity wants to continue to exist then this person better realize their destiny before it is too late...



There will be a few points in the story that will provide extra information that is completely optional. After reading the page, it will have a link bringing you back to the original page so that you may continue the narrative.

Supers Engage

(Bucky's EPIC contest 2018)

Fight for honor or fight for glory...

Children bestowed with superpowers are locked away in fear of unleashing their powers for the wrong reasons only to be awakened once more on the setting of a battlefield.

You, one of the children, must either fight as a soldier or fight for your virtues...

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EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 9/9/2018 11:56:58 AM

Update #6

Story Progress:

The last update, what a milestone. Yet it spells the doom for many of our authors here. This is it. It's win or lose.

My word count is still at the low, low count of 12,000 plus and that means that until the final deadline, my fingers will be typing nonstop and that is entirely my fault. However giving up now would just be a weakness. Time to finish this.


As stated previously, editing is not a big favorite of mine although I should practice it more often. However in this instance, I will be editing as I write, constantly checking my writing and making sure that everything that I have is written grammatically correct as well as coherent.

Only 48,000 words to go. Can't give up now, even if it looks bleak.

EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 8/26/2018 4:22:09 PM

That is quite the motivation igniter right there. I will keep that in mind.

To respond to the "forum" thing, I never really found myself as a person to talk on forums unless I had something important to say. Otherwise there is no point to me saying anything. If I can find ways to get rid of my procrastination then I'll do it and it starts with the most basic. Not being distracted by everything or everyone around me.

Anyways, I got to write, hoping to do a good portion before I run off to do other work I have to tend to. Next month is going to be a long and busy one for everyone here.

EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 8/26/2018 9:49:11 AM

Update #5

Time sure does go fast doesn't it? School has started for many people including me so the time for writing has considerably decreased. However, even with the short time left, I will find a way to complete this in any way that I can.

Story Progress

Same old, same old. There is not much to be said. Progress has been extremely slow and the word count is pretty much the same as last time so I don't find a point in writing it again. If anything, it's just attempting to write as fast as possible.


To be honest, I really haven't been motivated because I've been experiencing writer's block. However I still attempt to keep on writing because I know I signed up for this and I'm not showing up with an unfinished product like every other time. This is it and I'm not backing down yet.

Next update is the editing update and I've never been a big fan of editing so I'm just going to treat it as last minute writing.


EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 8/4/2018 1:59:16 PM

Update #4

I must as well do this so I don't forget tomorrow. I'm currently writing a huge chunk right now but better be safe than sorry.

Story Progress:

The same old thing. Procrastination is fun hobby to get into if you want to fall behind on literally everything. However I have been practicing story telling and story writing while procrastinating so there were some benefits. Current word count is in the 11,000s which will go up in about two hours. Currently writing another path midst the main one I was working on. This way, there is more content in case I fall short on the deadline.

Most Difficult: 

So far the most difficult part of tackling my story is attempting not to make the characters only seem like they matter for one part before completely trashing them. I'm attempting to make the characters seem like they matter however it is difficult when writing so many characters and having the story focus on the protagonist. I've been combating this by using other paths to flesh out characters instead of making them "one-shot" like in the main path. This way there are two ways to look at the characters. One being that the characters are either just the "Saturday morning" enemy or ally and another being that these characters are fleshed out personalities that will continue to be reoccurring.


Again, continuing to write. With a full week of being able to focus on writing, that is what I will be doing in order to increase my word count by a ton and hopefully finishing a path or two before the next update which is my goal as of now.

EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 7/15/2018 12:03:49 PM

Update #3

Story Progress -
Basically the lowdown is that I finally got a laptop literally a day ago, so my writing capacity and speed is going to increase tremendously. So far, it has worked since I have been able to write 2,000 words in almost a hour. Although my current word count of 7,694 doesn't represent that, I suspect in a few days that it will easily be 15,000 to 20,000 if I keep up my current pace. Bless actual keyboards.

What I Like -
Currently about one third of the way done with the current path and so far writing the characters and being able to creatively use their powers is a blast. It's fun to see how many ways I can destroy a human using the powers at my fingertips. For the characters, I really do enjoy creating their personalities and attempting to make them more "real." I've been attempting to correct my past mistakes and make sure that the characters that I have seem like they could actually exist and don't just fit a stereotype. Even most of them could probably fit a stereotype. Either way it has been fun creating new characters and being able to play around with their abilities to their full potential

I'll probably update the word count on here just so I have incentive to keep on writing at the current pace I am at right now.

Current Word Count:  7,694 (7/15/18)

EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 6/29/2018 7:37:08 PM

Update #2

Story Progress and Issues

I haven't been online on this website too often the past few weeks and editing on my phone because I have no other options is still a terrible fate for my hands and eyes however I what I must.

Progress: Currently at 3,200 words plus which, at the point the contest is currently at, is pretty pitiful I realize however I do intend to speed up my writing during the next week. Currently the "prologue" of sorts is finished and a plot outline is mostly in play. Similar to how I write all of my stories, I will write one complete path first then go back and write the other paths as I move along. The current path I am writing right now should be finished in a good amount of time if I keep working constantly.

Issues: Currently the only major issue I am encountering is attempting to beat my procrastination and being able to keep a constant writing speed on my phone. Being able to come up with ideas is not an issue since I have most of the story already laid out so just writing on it is easy enough. Although continuing to write constantly is a huge problem which I can only fixed by attempting to motivate myself to keep writing.

I realize that I have a ton to pick up in the next few days however I will pull through. Currently my odds may not be as great as others, however I will not let them discourage me from continuing to write.

EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 6/13/2018 2:33:27 PM

Update #1.1

Changing protagonist name from "Steward" to "Cadimus." Since it's more fitting for an epic tale and Steward began to whittle away for me and sounded more like a mouse name.

EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 6/13/2018 2:23:54 PM

I'll see to that, if I can find a name fitting for them.

EPIC contest progression - ericyopy on 6/11/2018 10:40:01 PM

Alright guess I should do this before I forget.

Update #1 - Plot Synopsis, Genre, Theme, Setting and Main Characters

Title: Supers Engage

Genre: Fantasy / Sci-fi (either or)

Theme: Choosing between the bonds between your family or fighting to survive. How important family is when making decisions on whether or not to oppose them or support them.

Setting: A large country currently unnamed and is under the influence of a large scale war between two opposing forces. The country has many different terrains such as forests, deserts, valleys, mountains and abandoned cities. The time period is in the future but technology is similar to modern technology with a few twists.


Plot Synopsis: 

- A couple gives birth to seven children however they all have super natural powers. How they got the powers are unknown but the children continue to live out their lives until one day, their parents stop them. Deeming their powers too extreme and dangerous, the parents lock them away in cryogenic chambers in mountains around the country. Steward, the protagonist, is one of these children.

Three years later, Steward is found and released from his cryogenic chamber only to be confronted by Salvator, a military organization currently at war with Exitium. They explain to Steward that he is one of the "Seven Supers" and integral to winning the war.

At this point, the player is either going to decide to join the war effort or go rogue. When joining the war effort, Steward will eventually meet up with his siblings however will be forced to fight any sibling on the other side. When going rogue, Steward will attempt to find his family while avoiding the war itself.

There will be different sub routes as well not including the two main routes leading to different and interesting developments.


Main Characters:

- Steward: The protagonist; either can become loving of his family or loyal to the military. His power is the ability to control the temperature, being able to freeze water molecules in the air or heat up anything to an extreme temperature.

- Gourden: Quite arrogant and loyal to the military. Being banished by his parents made him lose sight of family and does not care who falls in his path to victory. His power is the ability to manipulate the earth such as dirt or sand into whatever he likes.

- Zack: Insane and always wears a smile on his face. Wants revenge on the parents which caused him to go bonkers meaning he is unpredictable. His power is being able to manipulate anything that has to do with deep space such as stars, meteors, gravity, wormholes, etc.

- Trotin: A level headed yet dangerous individual who can lash out when provoked. His "power" is having a demon trapped within him, giving him a third eye that causes illusions when looked at. His stomach is also pierced by a third arm, which is the arm of the demon attempting to escape. Both Trotin and the demon relunctantly work together to get their job done.

- Fredal: Always in a tired mood and barely socialized. He is quite laidback, not too worried about anything. His power is the ability to make anything he dreams into a reality. He will sleep on the battlefield then imagine something to make it happen in real life. This could be a double edge sword since anything, including harming himself, can happen.

- Syair: The only sister; very caring for her family yet is determined in achieving victory. She will aid her comrades when they are in trouble but despises those who go against her and her allies. Her power is the ability to clone herself as many times as she wants. She also carries around a katana that she uses to defend herself.

- Hakbu: A lazy yet empathetic person who just wants peace between people. He lacks the energy to get his work done however will always push through in desperate measures. His power is the ability to turn anything he wants into any food he can imagine.


That's basically it for now. The main seven supers and the main plot other than when the choices begin to shape the journey. More developments will find themselves in my words but other than that, I won't be updating until next update.

EPIC Contest - The Contest to Rule Them All on 6/10/2018 7:31:02 AM

Yes, you very much just did.