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Mother's Day Mania

A funny game full of twists and turns designed exclusively for Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and future mothers. Your goal is to create a memorable Mother's Day for your wife.  Not very difficult, but hopefully still enjoyable!

Note: Please take it easy on me.  I'm brand new to this!

The Case of the Mondays

It's Monday!  You're having a bad day: the elevator's not working and someone has framed you for murder. Your goal is to make it through the day and find the person responsible. Avoid the cops at all costs.

Note: This game is semi-influenced by the ICOM Simulations, Inc. game "Deja Vu" and mobster movies.  Also, in no way do I condone violence, except in cases of self-defense.  This game is, in no way, meant to encourage violence, nor is it meant to encourage gambling. This game is strictly for entertainment purposes.  For fun, please write your completion time and number of attempts in the review section of the game.  (With strong abstract thinking, this game can easily be completed in less than 20 minutes, and, as in the game "Deja Vu," there is only one good ending).  There are no dead-end pages, I have checked.  If you are stuck, please use an item.  Sorry for the modification.  I had to tweak the game just a little.





Justice For All

The president has been shot. You take on the role of Juan Sebastian, an FBI special agent whose parents are Cuban immigrants, as you search to uncover the truth behind the president's assassination.

The Mormouth Mystery

This is a game full of mystery and suspense. Things aren't as they seem, and you must be equally as intelligent as you are creative. For those who survive, an enticing surprise awaits you at the end.

Please take it easy on me.  This is my first game, so i'm still using the classic editor, but I still hope you enjoy!

Wrestling with the Past: A Memoir

You assume the role of a former prospective college football player.  After not getting an offer to attend the NFL scouting combine, you wonder if you'll be able to fulfill your dream of playing pro ball.  There are several possible endings, but the main one corresponds to the title (you become a professional wrestler and are contacted by the police to infiltrate an underground cage fighting league). 

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The Case of the Mondays Walkthrough on 5/23/2016 10:35:42 PM

Hello Everyone,

I've read your comments.  No, my game is not impossible, but it is very challenging.  In the future, I hope to rework it (to develop the story and work out some of the kinks).  Until then, here is the solution:

1)Before you leave your apartment, you must have the Beretta, your keys, wallet and suit.  Each of these items can be found in one of the three rooms.  It does not matter which room you enter first, just don't leave your apartment until you've found every item 

2) After you leave the apartment, take the stairs to the third floor.  Enter the game room.  If you want, you can play Blackjack.  Otherwise, use your Beretta to shoot the machine and get the $50 you will need to buy the Glock.  You must have the Glock to win the game.  (Sorry, the text was wrong.  I accidentally called the video Blackjack machine a slot machine! I had Dejavu on my mind when I wrote it)

3) Take the stairs to the first floor.  Go left and exit the building.  Go right and enter the pawn shop.  Buy the Glock.  All you have to buy is one bullet. (Sorry, I missed that glitch when I was editing the game.)

4) Go right to exit the pawn shop. 

5) Go right, once more.  You'll encounter a man in a pinstripe suit.  Talk to him, and he'll give you a note.  Take the note and go right (this will take you back to the pawn shop).

6)Click the 'by your car' link, and go 'inside the Mercedes.'  Take the cell phone and use it.  Listen to the text message. 

7) After you've gotten out of your car, go left and encounter a mugger.  Hit him. 

8) Take his $20 and go left to enter the taxi.  Use the note, and you'll be taken to North Levy Street. 

9) You'll see glitch #2 (When you pay the cab driver, it will not cost you anything.)

10) Go to the front door and use the Beretta to shoot the door open. 

11) Enter the door, first.  Otherwise, you'll miss the apology note.  You can read the note by clicking the 'I'm sorry' link or go straight to the kitchen.  It does not matter.  Open the kitchen drawer to find a flashlight. 

12) Listen to the message.  It looks like Mr. Waterman has been misappropriating money. 

13) Go to the front door, first.  Someone is trying to kill you.  Go to the garage and get the keys to the Corolla.  Use the keys to get out of there.

14) Use the suit, and you'll be taken to your office.  Shoot the man who's inside your office.  Use your keys to enter your office.

15) Take the keycard and go to the Corolla.  Use your phone, and go to West Palomino. 

16) Sneak into the mobsters' compound, and, as soon as you enter, go upstairs.

17) Enter the bedroom and take the camera. 

18) Go downstairs and go straight.  go right and then go left.  Take the ledger (evidence against you).  Hide and shoot the mobster to get out of the compound. 

19) Go to West Adams, take a right and enter the sewer.  Use the flashlight. 

20) Go right and then go left.  You're in the deepest part of the sewer.  Do not go left, again.  If you do, you will find the alligator, lose your cell phone and have to restart. 

21) Use the 'inside the sewer' link and exit the sewer.  Go inside the hotel and take the stairs to the third floor.  Take the crowbar. 

22) Use the 'inside the hotel' link to go back to the lobby.  Use the keycard.  It will take you to the second floor hotel room.  Go inside the hotel room, and pry open the weapons cache with the crowbar.  Use the camera to take a picture (for evidence).

23) Take the photograph and answer (use) your phone.  Go to Lee Street.

24) Congratulations, you've won the game. 

Broken Link on 5/15/2016 8:33:55 AM

I got it working.  After a couple hours of messing with it, I finally decided to reset the 'cards' variable to zero (funny how something so simple can often be overlooked).  It's working fine, now!  Thanks! 


Broken Link on 5/14/2016 9:11:35 PM

Hello.  I'm currently working on a Blackjack game, and am having trouble with a link.  I would like to make it where (at any time after you win or lose) you can visit the lobby.  I've tried clicking the link several times, but every time I click on it, it directs me to the 'bust' (over 21) link.  I've checked the parameters; everything seems OK.  Has anyone else experienced these kinds of difficulties, and, if so, how did you fix them?



Random Variables on 5/14/2016 12:25:14 AM

I'm going to try it.  Thanks!

Random Variables on 5/13/2016 11:26:52 PM

I've read the help and info pages, but am still having trouble generating random variables.  I'm trying to make a Blackjack game, so, naturally, I make my minimum value '2'(Two aces).  However, every time I go to that page, all I get is two.  I don't think it's generating random numbers.  How can I fix this?