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My name is Luna and i love to write! Im so exited to be on this site and to write with all of the great writers out there ,but mostly of all to get feed back about all my storys!!! I will try my best to make at least one story a month. Also if you ever want to Co-author I would love to do it with you! Or if you ever need something you can ask me! And if im not writing or anything for a long period of time  it most likely ,because I only write hen im inspired & and im not inspired often-Love Luna~

-Also If my grammar is not the best, its because English is my 7th language, well then again that is really no excuse, but either way please excuse my brutal mistakes.


Atalia chapter-1 New town & And New Crush

About Atalia- Atalia is a story of a family and each chapter another thing happens to that one family, also none of the Atalia chapters are connected so you can play any of the chapters in any order.

About the Chapter- Chapter one is about the Murder (Murder is the last name of the family not about them) family moving into the new town, It has the main Character (Molly M.Murder) also falling in love and the rest of the family adjusting to the new town ,but will they stay at this new town or go on to the next?

About the main character- 

Name-Molly M. Murder

Age-14     Things to know- 1. Has trouble saying no to people (especially her crush)

                                              2. Has a pet  Ferret named Assassin M. Stone

Also The category says "Modern Adventure",But it is also "Love & Dating". And if there is grammar and other punctuation error say in the comments , And just know English is My 7th Language- Love Luna~

Goal- Get Crush to Like/Notice/Date you!




Broken World

Unlike some Apocalypse games this is the world after the Apocalypse This is the story of a young girl named Eudora, she had no family or friends because her family died when she was younger so because that she had to fend for her self in the treacherous world that it was. This is the story of her and her new life out-side the breaches of the colony.

Glisen Creak Boarding School

Golden Creek Boarding School Is a game/story were your a female student named willow Wilson and your going to a new School Because your Old school burned down in a tragic accident Caused by your younger sister Gemma. This is about acceptance, Trust, Family,Friends, And your trust with the characters. Also did i forget to mention that Willow is adopted, she was abused by her parents when she was younger and now she has trouble trusting people...loving people. This is the true story of how her broken mind, broken heart got fixed after all that time.
The story does not use the real names and it is about the decisions she could have mad e and how she thinks it would have turned out if she made the other decisions.

Herous of The Headed Gate

Key-Must read everything to play the game!

Living in the "Serbia Sanctum" was one of the toughest Sanctum out of the 5, but then again it was the biggest/most populated sanctum so what did you expect exactly, plus the queen Serbia also lives there. Each sanctum was divided into 10  groups

The Healers- The healers are the 14-100 year olds, studying potions, helping people, and healing people, the leader of the healer group was Lady Meredith.

The Scavengers- The scavengers are the 14- 100, Looking for food,supplies, and cooking the food. The leader of the Scavenger Group was Sir-Logan


The Astubutions- The Astubutions are the 14-100 year olds that have either gotten pregnant, gotten some one else pregnant, or have beaten their leader in a challenge. The leader of this group is Queen Serbia.

The Delergent- The Delergent are the ones who never made it into a group, to even talk to one is a serious penalty in the Sanctum, you could kill one and would not get into any trouble

The Head Council- The highest rank, in this rank there is no leaders, its all the leader of each of the 5 Sanctums.

The Selervent- The ones who have "special abilities" such as -the control of water,fire,air,steel,the weather ex. The leader of this group is Lady Serena

The Sixths- The sixths are people who are all of the groups, it is extremely rare ,but has happened, no one admits it, but the could probably destroy the head council.

-Also This Story/Game is For Bz'z Summer Slam Contest


lost memories-1

Lost memories is a game about a girl named Hannah, she lost her memories, friend, and family in a devastating car crash. This is a book about her journey with her new life after the crash.she meets new friend gets a new family basically a new life, follow Hannah on her journey of a life time.

Pure Sadness

Pure Sadness is about a girl named Ally, when she was young she was always happy until one day when she felt "Pure Sadness". She hated the feeling The feeling of all of it hurt her soul, it broke her slowly, until she one day could not be more broken and found away to put an end to all of it. You play the part of Ally's best friend the person who was always there, who Ally told everything to or so you thought.

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BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/16/2017 10:30:15 PM

Well, i am no longer going to be in the contest or on the site really, i just did all of this to see it. And also you can write whatever you want im not going to see it anyway so you would be wasting your time, but i doubt any of you will care.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/14/2017 1:29:47 PM

yes, 2/3 of that was i lie but not so i could get my points back , (I am going to do a story) but to read what you would say back its very interesting, i all so wanted to read more of the English language. And i do apologize if ive used some of the words wrong. Oh and i know im not going to win, im not even that good at speaking English.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/12/2017 4:51:20 PM

I might not (most likely wont) make a story (i mean im half way finished with it),because i have a website that im making, im taking care of my grandparents pets (i cant believe there still alive there like 130!),im baby sitting everyday, im on vacation, and the places im at has slow wifi (my vacation is going over the globe) so im basically screwed. i did not know any of this when i entered the contest so the past few day ive been getting a lot of supprises...

Fourth of July on 7/7/2017 12:17:33 AM

I hate fourth of july all my friend allways go to partys and this time Nancy (the nerd) went skinny dipping with her bf and we walked in on them, and some one started a fight, broke the tv, (thankfully it wasnt at my house!), But then again they were all drunk so....


BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/6/2017 11:50:03 PM

ericyopy you could just edit or make the super hero story that you already made better so you wouldn't have to do as much work!

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/4/2017 2:36:29 PM

Hi! I will be participating in the contest, i will most likely be the worst ,but i would rather try, its not like i have anything better to do


New Contest Starting Soon on 7/4/2017 2:33:49 PM


New Contest Starting Soon on 7/4/2017 12:17:00 PM

im going to participate in this contest!


How to deal with writers block on 6/15/2017 7:27:44 AM

well what i do is go watch tv or when i cant write i go eat or i stand there untill i write. (or the one i do:i keep pinching myself untill i come up with something!!)