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A bard, a poisoner, a dominant lover... I can be everything you want. If you sell your soul to me.

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"If you're going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

You are Sera, a best-selling author who goes to a luxurious spa on a natural park on Maine until  Nature happens.  And Sera have to go through her own personal hell. Dead, betrayal,  old gods and demoniac voices.

DISCLAIMER SWEARS, VIOLENCE allusions to sex and gore. No for children

Special thanks to Shadowdrake27 and CYS Discord.

Planet Mopper
This is my entry to the Year's End Contest. My prompt consists of Create a fantasy or science fiction world from scratch. The story must include a map of the relevant locality. In a world in which everyone has powers that the rest of the Galaxy considers sacred, heroes fight every year to death to become God and create their own planets ... But that's not your case, you stand a humble space janitor cleaning up the arena day after day. Until something changes your life forever. Would you go partying to space cruisers, bet on fighting pits or battle for your life against a psychotic clown? Will you create your own planet and become a god? or would you continue with your boring life? Thanks to my proofreaders and Shadowdrake The choice asks about Loom, same as The name Scumm bar are easter eggs, inspired by the Game Monkey Island.

Venetian's tears
This is my project for Saint Valentine's Day writing jam. With a limit of 2,000 words. It has 4 endings. You are in a bunker down Venetia, after human extinction. And you have to deal with that fact, loneliness and need of love. I want to give specific thanks to @Killa_zilla and @TheDeadKin for proofreading for me.

Broken Hunger

Death Nature

I make this to participate in a 1,000 words limit contest with the theme Environment. You are The Galactic empire Lord Worldslayer preparing to consume until the last drop of your 53 planet

Heavy Metal

Medusa's Syndrome

Red are the Roses

Segway to heaven
Humour satire for my writing Jam in Saint Valentine's Day. Max 2,000 words. Thanks for proofreading to @3iguy Re-edit with grammar fixes and title.

The Revenge of Turkey Loco

Kansas 50s a farm in the middle of nowhere. An experimental Turkey plots its revenge against the human who kills its mother.

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MS DNA Cloud Storage | Ford's Articles Of Interest on 4/8/2020 7:09:56 AM

This is a retarded one  lol https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/04/did-my-fundamentalist-upbringing-prepare-me-for-coronavirus.html

Hatter's Sketchbook on 4/8/2020 1:21:09 AM

I don't know what that means lol. But is super cute.

MS DNA Cloud Storage | Ford's Articles Of Interest on 4/7/2020 3:14:30 PM

Can I recommend you hilarious articles from flat earth belivers and people that don't believe in Evolution so you can explain how fags they are?


Thanks for the feedback.
Segregation classes are segregated by race. It doesn't matter if the halls are crowded.  Each race goes into their areas. In fact, there are three bunkers. White people, Americans not white and not white local population.

Chubby Dolores is not the teacher. Maybe I just have to call teacher fat to make it clear.

The Boom in the real scene is italicized, and separate. But Doing so here means have to code absolutely all text and is a pain in the ass.

Theodore appears in The next scene right where is cut.It can not be in our class as he is in military courses You, however, are with his twin sister class.



Hatter's Hat Review: Edition I on 4/6/2020 5:12:33 PM

My favourite is the second.  Can you explain the different types of hats and what is a fedora and what is not? Because I don't know the differences and all that. I am with Sent, the last one seems purple

CYS History (Sorta) on 4/6/2020 2:21:23 PM

Oh, cool. Now, I am a seasoned noob

CYS Discord: Now with flying cars! on 4/6/2020 2:00:08 PM

What song is that?

CYS History (Sorta) on 4/6/2020 1:01:29 PM

Lol, End It is very funny. Does that mean I am now officially part of Cys?

Stories for smart 5 yr olds? on 4/6/2020 5:15:00 AM

Elvis At The Beauty Contest I just released a children's game yesterday. BIG THANKS MIZAL FOR HER EDITION

It is a game that Happens in an alternative universe 50s where the senator Macarthur has become after a military coup in Supreme President Macarthur. The paranoia after the fall of South Korea fills this Philippines areal base and the feelings of being at the End of times. The game is a romance horror game with the apocalypse undertones. CURRENT WORD ACCOUNT 6K ESTIMATED WORD ACCOUNT 30K 40K ESTIMATED RELEASE END OF MAY OR FIRST WEEK OF JUNE I am looking for proofreaders FIRST SCENE THE BOMBS The thunderous noise of the anti-aircraft bells erupts shattering some of the security windows of the private Institute. The chubby bachelor science teacher holds her glasses of glasses tightly in the colours of the American flag while you all get up in unison as a 100% greased machinery. It's honeyed, yet sharp voice tries to be heard through the deafening echo created by the anti-aircraft bell: "All of you know the procedure, guys. Let's go out in order to the air shelter!" You wear your anti-aircraft gas mask with tedium, you have done the same thing every week since President Macarthur has usurped the congress and the Senate, creating a regime based on paranoia and fear of communism. You all go to the elegant aisle marching like worker bees hearing the bee's buzz. You look around feeling how the crowd that swallows you, once all classes come together on the way to the underground bunker of the school, as everything is segregated in the perfect MacArthur's anti-communist hive Chubby Dolores gives you a friendly pat on the shoulder: "Hey Sam, Theodore doesn't stop eating you with his dreamy blue eyes! You're a lucky one; a general's son, no less. Don't let him get away." BOOM! The thunderous noise of the bombs that raining as fire over the military base, before you can answer her. The bombs break the tedium of the students who, like popcorn, bounce and crack in pure panic outside the firm security door. You give thanks for being white and American in the shelter of the first protected by the army. While you feel like eyes devour you. The general's son. Your objective, your condemnation. The heir of your father's jailer.