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Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 2:44:03 PM

Yes it is In California due some segregated laws about railroad in XIX I swear I had no idea about that. As here in Spain is the name they gammve to restaurants and  even embassies. But well It was my fault for have no knowledge of slurs in California. In fact I learned a lot of usa  history when I looked why i was banned. So It was a good experience

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 2:39:09 PM

Of course, not if I want insult people I just do so to the face. However sometimes I can insult people without pretending it I don't want to do that. So I truly try to empathize even if sometimes is veryannoying. Like Why can't be things say more directly. But there are really good writers there Like Paul. Havenstone etc And I am far better that I was. I know I suck but my English is totally self taught and I am  bad learning languages.

Also I don't understand why  most people here are so hostile to them did they insult all of you or something?



Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 2:31:35 PM

Using the term oriental explaining  the origin and how in latin leguages is correct their use.  That bring me  a moth expulsion.  The second for a year anbecause a battle I had with a person that were trans in a mail where tried to make me change their vote in a contest . It was a political ban as has really nothing to do with cog. I just don't let my self being harassed  and that person has contacted cog or something.

 But what I was banned is not important lol. Now I know what I have to say and can bite my tongue enough to not being banned. Except maybe this post os reason enough to being ban again.  Probably is. Lol.

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 2:12:00 PM

Well then is good to know nobody is doing vudu dolls of me or something here. You know I think this would be  lest dramatic if people just could talking directly without censoring anything.   I am more calm now I know is not like a insult Mara gtoup lol. 

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 2:05:23 PM

No not really. You weren't never a lot there. At least while  I was not banned.  I mean I really understand part of people here  chat. I have to think five times if the wording i use is enough political correctness to be used  in the context. Then apologize for using the word i guess maybe could trigger someone.  I swear half of my writing is not learning English is learning if I could say fellatio or condoms or lube or idf x is progressive. I am writing erotica. I need those stuff.

But that's not reason to insult people where they can't defend themselves . I mean I have no problem to come here nd defend myself but many people is not  like me so for them it could be traumatic or something.

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 1:57:46 PM

But Is there some kind of war between here and Cog?  I mean I didn't know until today that there were hostility . I always knww here people were more open about wording but I didn't knew they were something except the political correctness problem.

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 1:54:21 PM

Drag in Spanish is the clothing drag queens uses. So  if you want put me in drag well that will not work

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 1:44:42 PM

Lol You have to have a damn persuasion for  put me in drag I hare dresses like if were the devil lol

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 1:40:47 PM

It is that right? Could here I use words as condoms lube or oriental?

Mean girls' locker room on 11/13/2018 1:39:00 PM

Empathy requires a heart and other people understanding. Not Insulting everything that moves.