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A bard, a poisoner, a dominant lover... I can be everything you want. If you sell your soul to me.

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I make this to participate in a 1,000 words limit contest with the theme Environment. You are The Galactic empire Lord Worldslayer preparing to consume until the last drop of your 53 planet


My other attempt and last, for the 1,000 words contest with The theme Environment. In this case, you are a builder working in an illegal road on Amazonas; until something happens.

Broken Hunger


"If you're going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

You are Sera, a best-selling author who goes to a luxurious spa on a natural park on Maine until  Nature happens.  And Sera have to go through her own personal hell. Dead, betrayal,  old gods and demoniac voices.

DISCLAIMER SWEARS, VIOLENCE alusions to sex and gore. No for children


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Chopped II: Round II on 11/22/2019 7:05:12 AM

Raccoon sausage with mashed potatoes and Pulpo with Crunchy Honey chilli Cicadas

Maria still has headaches, she still doesn't know how she has survived. I mean, grandma pidgeon is nice. But it wasn't as fancy as the fluffy cute hamster chef, for instance.

There is an octopus!!!  Maria loves octopus. It is one of the most important dishes at home... MORE HOMEMADE RECIPES.

"COURIER, I NEED A WOOD MACE, A COOPER POT AND SOME CENTS!" Maria shouts to the Rascal slave the organization to help with the ingredients. Maria selects the juiciest morsels of the raccoon, the liver, fat salt and pepper,   and the result of grinding in the mortar and pestle garlic, oregano, red chile and Smoke paprika.

Then she makes some raccoon sausages using the raccoon prepared intestines as casing.

Finally, the courier brings to her the ingredients and everyone looks intrigued by how she will deal with the Octocrab.

"You have to boil water in a Copper container and we have to plunge the animal on the boiling water and emerge them right after; that is what we call asustar the Octocrab. It means to scare them

After that, they are super pissed. So they lose a great part of their regeneration powers then the next part is super cool. SMASH THEIR BRAIN WITH SOMETHING MADE OF WOOD. Maria starts effusively hit the octocrabs she calls PULPO DIEEEEE!!!

After that, display the pulpo effectively die. She drops all the smashed octopus into the water with bay leaves. It doesn't need salt as it is salty already.

"I am silly! it needs coins. Is a tradition it says bring luck to people eating it."

Maria feels really happy thinking about home. So far beyond the big ocean.

Then, started with the sweet potatoes. She is not a great cooker like the others, so only cleaning them and tossing into boiling water with cayenne, garlic, and a little bit of the octopus water.

The sausages are already boiled, si is time to grill them.

"What about the Cicadas?" One of the public asks.

"Where I came from Cicadas aren't eaten. They are used to feed rodents and eat those. But I learned a Recipe in Mexico. Honey chilli Cicadas. It will contrast with the mashed potatoes.

Maria plummets the cicadas in a compound of honey, garlic powder and chilli powder and lets them five minutes there. After that, only need to fry them on oil.

Later finally the Pulpo is done. Maria chopping it thin like it were potato chips and use more oil and paprika. the cooked potatoes are peeled and mashed. So each dish consists of mashed potatoes put with one grilled racoon sausage,  minced octopus and two cicadas as crunchy part of the plate.

She smiles to the public, happy with the fact for once in her life someone looked at her as more than a pair of boobs. Then sighs. The others are professionals who are used to this.

"But Maria still dreaming with her own Posada (inn) With public vocalists. Homemade food and people playing cards."

Chopped II: Round II on 11/22/2019 5:28:29 AM

Octopus is one of my state most famous dishes, however,  We have another way to deal with the octopus is different to yours can I use it ?  Includes violence copper and coins.

Chopped II: Sauget Illinois on 11/21/2019 6:18:26 PM

Let him always he made his speech in Spanish lol it could be hilarious after all la Llorona would only cry in Spanish

Chopped II: Sauget Illinois on 11/20/2019 11:13:00 PM

Maria is drunken as hell. So she totally can try to flirt with you Tim

Chopped II: Sauget Illinois on 11/20/2019 2:07:58 PM

I thought that you said that you give your own meatballs to your wife as a present in a spaghetti sauce

Chopped II: Official scoring information on 11/20/2019 12:27:38 PM

I don't think I should critize other characters. But are you sure that you aren't possessed by Suicidal Sammy? It is really too forced to even be a joke. I know you are not trying to be serious and is a satire but less is more in this matters.

I NEED A PROOFREADER on 11/20/2019 1:59:18 AM

Thanks for the help, I don't end the game entirely, however, I hope had it done or mostly done Friday or Saturday. I will pm you then

Chopped II: Round 1 on 11/19/2019 6:13:45 PM

Your character Maria speak bad English

I NEED A PROOFREADER on 11/19/2019 5:58:46 PM

I know is logic. It was only if someone was available for it.  It is a very busy month so It is not best moment .

Chopped II: Round 1 on 11/19/2019 3:37:00 PM

Maria tries to disguise herself to runaway from The tournament  to do that Decide to give all her points to Ethel 400 points and cause enough heat she could runaway after disguise herself with a fake black beard and a old pot like  Helmet