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I like Mass Effect... that says enough... 


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The Final Beta

You play as Tigerpaw, a Icaffirmian girl from the Targanna tribe. Her tribe is one of five tribal nations that have lived in the lands that make up the continent of Icaffirmia. For centuries your tribes have known nothing but war since the Holy Terran Empire had invaded from beyond the great seas to lay claim to Icaffirmia... and the secrets that lie deep with it's land; 

The is the First of a series, this is my first story game. Its meant to be serious with some funny aspects added, enjoy. 

Tiberian Dawn

     This storygame is strongly based around the Command & Conquer (C&C) Tiberium franchise. You are John Michel, a 18 year old American who's parents died 3 years ago in what is believed to be another Nod suicide bombing. With your parents gone, you have been left alone to try and survive with your 8 year old sister, Sarah. For every dawn that you awake, the risk that you'll be dead by sundown rises. But there are far worse things than death in this world that grows ever more twisted. As the world spirals into World War III, can you survive? Can you keep your sister alive? Maybe even find out the truth behind your parents death? And punish those who were behind it? Or Will you and your sister become simple numbers added to the statistics with the millions of others who die in what is now being call the First Tiberian War?


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Up front, or Later on, or Hints...? on 2/17/2020 12:42:19 AM

Much Appreciated, I was a little conflicted on the three ideas, so I'm glad to have gotten some professional input. I'll be making the necessary adjustments.     

Up front, or Later on, or Hints...? on 2/16/2020 11:25:18 PM

Hey guys im working on a story about a planet being used to televise people lives by everyone else in the galaxy, but no one on that planet knows that they're being televised. The main character is going to be on the planet being televised (if you've seen the Trueman Show, you'll have a better understanding of what Im talking about). Would you rather to already know that you're being televised in the beginning of the story or find out later near the middle or end in the story, or have some hints throughout then drop the bomb in the middle or end? (and if you say hints, be specific or give me an example of what "hints" you would be ok with). If you have other ideas please let me know. 

Writing Club on 12/17/2015 2:33:37 PM

Here's an idea for a storygame... what if Albert Einstein invented a functional time travel device in 1946 and went back in time and killed Hitler. What would the world look like when he comes back?

The Frigid Valley; a conceptual story on 12/12/2015 7:43:42 PM

The goal is salvation, I think this storygame is one of those "sad ending" storygames no matter what path you choose. And he also said that the valley "seems" endless. Which is a very good choice of words because kooks can be deceiving. So the only true way to find out would probably be playing the storygame itself.

Command & Conquer Co-Authors on 12/12/2015 12:26:29 AM

You could prove to be a good co-author for the the Tiberian Wars storygame, but that's much too far down the road (that will be the third or fourth storygame published for this series). Are you familiar with the First C&C or Tiberian Sun?

The Frigid Valley; a conceptual story on 12/12/2015 12:22:42 AM

       I'm confused... so they all fled from a country that was assulted by a plague of ash that came from the same place that they are about to travel through in hopes of salvation? Couldn't they have just stayed in the country they were already at and waited it out in hopes of salvation? I mean, if they're looking for salvation at the end of an endless valley that's inhospitable due to the infinite ash storms seems like picking death there or death where they came from. AH! But that might be just it, right? I'm interested in learning more about this story of yours, I hope you publish it soon!

Command & Conquer Co-Authors on 12/11/2015 12:18:56 AM

I've given it a lot of thought, and i have decided to ask if anyone would like to become a co-author with me on the Tiberian Dawn project (you can look at the sneak preview to see what it's all about). I want dedicated co-authors who are familiar with the C&C tiberium series lore. This is an ambitious project of mine, that i want to complete, and complete with flying colors. I've already got a lot of the foundation done (information that will help the reader understand the world that their character is in), but i am constantly making adjustments, and i wouldn't mind any help from the right person. If someone who is familiar with the lore and is interested in becoming a co-author, or if you're not familiar but is still interested and learning so you can help co-author, please let me know.

Edit: (let me just go ahead and add that you are not guaranteed to be a co-author just by saying that you are familiar with the lore and you're interested or by saying that you're not familiar with the lore but interested in learning so you can become a co-author.) I have put a lot of work into this, "yes" I've just started, but I've still put a lot of work into this project and will not tolerate someone becoming a co-author just to delete my work and leave.

Ideas for Hunger Games mentors on 12/10/2015 6:21:57 PM

So give it a little spice, lol, it's limitless, you could make it where one mentor won his/her Hunger Game tournament, but in such a tragic, horrific, and traumatizing way that he/she went mute, and he/she now has to use sign language to communicate with his/her tribute trainee. Or you could be a little less graphic, but hey, it IS the hunger games.

Ideas for Hunger Games mentors on 12/10/2015 5:57:50 PM

Well... I'm pretty sure that most backgrounds for these mentors should include them having had participated in the Hunger Games themselves at one point in their lives if they are going to mentor anyone. Right?

WW2 on 12/10/2015 3:46:37 PM

It all depends on the character you are making... The russian campaign would be fun if your going to want your character fighting through deeply entrenched German forces right in the bitterness of a Siberian winter or Japan too if you're a kamikaze pilot (though I'm sure that would have to be one of the endings considering your first mission as a kamikaze pilot would be your last, lol). It would depend on how detailed you make it, and if you plan to make it accurate with history or do your own thing with it.