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format of variables/documentation?

6 days ago

hi, i was trying to read the articles for the format of how they're supposed to be implemented within the text and for the life of me couldn't find it. i know how variables work, i just need to know how the editor interprets them. can someone explain to me?

format of variables/documentation?

6 days ago
First you want to go into editor features for your story and make sure everything is set to advanced.

You put the scripts themselves in the links or in the page script (to the left of the page title) and those are what reference the variables.


Whatever you do after THEN for instance could decide what page the player winds up on when they click that link, whether a specific link is even available on the next page, the outcome of a combat scenario, whatever. Or what other variables are set to which could effect more things.

The link script does calculations while the page script checks variables afterwards and can alter text on the page itself based on those, if needed. There's also on page scripting that lets you mess with text right in the box where you type your story. (There's already a very helpful article on that so I won't get into it here.)

format of variables/documentation?

5 days ago
If you are familiar with variables, does this page help?