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CYS Soundtracks

25 days ago

Yes you can add music to your storygames, but for various reasons few people actually do it. So I decided to offer you this brand new opportunity to waste your time.

The concept is simple: choose a piece of music that could be part of an hypothetical soundtrack for your story. I know, reading in silence is better, but this is just for fun and could also add another layer to the atmosphere of your narrative.

The music itself could be something you were listening to while writing or just something you thought of right now. It can refer to the story in its entirety or just to a particular event within it. We don't necessarily have to be blown away by it, it could easily be just an 8-bit tune; what's important is that you think it combines well with what you wrote.

To give this thread some sort of structure, just put in:

• the link to your storygame (if it's a short story instead link to the post or the thread)
• the link to the song (or just embed it)
• an explanation (optional)

Anyone is free to comment on another one's soundtrack, but the author of course has the final say.

If you feel this is too much effort to put into some meaningless game, reflect on life.

I'd start but well, I don't write ;)

CYS Soundtracks

24 days ago

lol I tried.

CYS Soundtracks

24 days ago

I can't think of any way to join in without it coming across like shameless self-promotion, but what the hell.

CYS Soundtracks

24 days ago

Haha it was actually also made as a way to promote your stories. Great choice btw

CYS Soundtracks

24 days ago

I usually have songs in mind all the time for stories. Originally when I created Ground Zero on Infinite Story I was going to insert music on the epilogues, but decided not to, because:

1. Usually inserted music in stories is annoying.

2. I've found music that would have been better choices since then.

3. Too lazy (Most important)

Anyway, going to take time to compile an intro soundtrack for everything, be back later.

CYS Soundtracks

24 days ago

I personally find inserted music a bit annoying too, that's why I thought this would be a decent idea. Don't know how many people will participate though, probably because of point #3 (and I understand them) :/ 

CYS Soundtracks

14 days ago

Nope, I didn’t forget your flailing yet interesting thread undr.

Personally, I didn’t do much searching though, some of the stuff I stumbled on long ago and already connected it to a specific story, for others I just sort of did random searches and went with something that seemed fitting. Probably spent the most time looking for music for the Suzy stories.

Probably could have found some better stuff in some cases if I was more motivated. Tried to avoid mainstream stuff as much as I could. Also tried to stick with just pure music, but that wasn’t always possible. Oh well.

Let’s get the major fantasy stuff out of the way first.

Necromancer (Probably linked to this one before)

Death Song (Glad I found this fairly quickly since there probably were a bunch I could have used)

Eternal (Probably linked to this before too)

Innkeeper (Works for me)

Rogues (This one seems to fit)

On to the one shots.

Imagination (Needed something invoking “childlike wonder” and didn’t feel like searching too hard)

Alpha Wolf (This one is probably a little too “serious” for the story, but meh, it still works)

Paradise Violated (Seems like it works)

A Very Special Choose Your Story (Honestly didn’t know which way to go with this story, just decided on this because the lyrics seem semi-fitting and fuck you that’s why)

Finally, the crapsack “modern earth” series.

Geek (Works well, didn’t feel like looking for others after the first try)

TRASH (Considered a few others, wanted something less mainstream though)

Repression (Most mainstream one oddly enough. Can’t believe I’m even using something from this band at all, but it really does seem to fit perfectly)

Tales From the Basement (Decided to do 3 separate songs)

Ebay Escapist (Honestly, this one could have been used for GG too)

Good Girl (Lyrics seem to fit. Just be glad I didn’t pick any mainstream “girl power” songs)

Anime Addict (Perfect. And for added fun translate the lyrics!)

Suzy’s Strange Saga (Fuck it, going with this one. Mainstream be damned)

Ground Zero (Harder to find music for this than I thought, but settled on this)

Love SICK (Saved the best for last)

CYS Soundtracks

14 days ago

Well now I know how I'll spend the next hour.

CYS Soundtracks

14 days ago

The ones for A Very Special Choose Your Story and Anime Addict are gold. I haven't read all of these yet but the tracks for the ones I know seem fitting, some could have even been inserted in the storygame but I'm glad you chose not to. The links for Love SICK and Ebay Escapist don't work in my country but I've managed to find alternative versions.

CYS Soundtracks

14 days ago

For my untitled project about a coke addled Gonzo journalist embroiled in a murderous municipal election:

For my dark-fantasy project about wizards who fight demons but also go mad a lot:

CYS Soundtracks

14 days ago

The first song conveys the concept pretty well lol.

The second one is beautiful, I just wish they'd put the Latin lyrics somewhere; I only understood "E litare vox tenor aborta cordae mox iridis" at the beginning, which translates to something like "From sacrificing, soon the dead voice, the sound of the tardive iris (rainbow)..." and then the chorus of "Exsuffles mea pulchra" ("Blow out/breathe out, my beautiful").