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The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

11 days ago
Commended by EndMaster on 3/8/2019 5:45:11 PM

Once again bringing you the TRUTH instead of a bad case of the WEEKLY RERUNS!

Past truth filled issues!



The New Shit

An Interview with my daughter TharaApples Cricket

Review of Mizal’s Inseperable

Short Story

EndMaster’s Pointless Quiz



The New Shit


Newbie Central: Some noobs introduced themselves and predictably none of them have done anything interesting since.


The Lounge: The only thing of interest that happened in here recently was me talking about some weird 70s exploitation film. All the conversations about sucking dick are now in the CYS discord.


News & Updates: Mizal has some dumb contest going on with no SHAME penalty. Seems a little pointless, like getting a blowjob while wearing a condom. Sure you’re getting your dick sucked, but it’s just not the same without being able to properly provide a lovely tea party to the baby swallower.


The Parlor Room: Briar’s interesting comments series in now in the fourth thread and shows no sign of stopping weird lesbian boners any time soon.


Creative Corner: My short stories thread was added to, go read everything in it.


Writing Workshop: Briar’s reissued Innocence Lost story is available through sneak preview. Meanwhile CoG continues to be a bunch of faggots that support plagiarism.


Reading Corner: Someone asked about good stories. Unsurprisingly mine were mentioned. Surprisingly stories other than mine were mentioned.


Advanced Editor Forum: Someone suggested hidden links or something. Don’t care, this is the nerd section for nerd shit.


Feature Wishing Well: Someone complained about profiles being hard to access or something. Don’t care; nobody actually pays attention to this forum.


Bugs & Problems: Someone bitched about spacing problems or something. Don’t care, bugs never get fixed around here anyway.


Interview: Cricket AKA New Thara

 When she’s not being the perfect daughter, she’s usually posting various things on the forums and hanging out in the CYS Discord.

 Anyway, here she is helping me out with this interview portion and once again being more useful than 99% of you lot.


1. What caused you to first find this place and stick around?

 A few years ago, I had discovered CYOA style fiction. I had seen that style of books advertised and thought it sounded awesome, but I never had had the opportunity to read one. I found several other platforms with IF and CYOA first.


Then, it might have been through Tv-Tropes, I found CYS and Briar's Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost. I liked it and read some other random stories before finding either Innkeeper or Ground Zero (I cannot remember which was first, but I know it was one of them).


The way you branch your stories with each choice leading to a different path was different and way cooler than anything else I had read to that point. I found that choices I thought would kill me lead to whole new stories just as long as my first choice, and I was hooked. I read several other stories by you such as TRASH, Paradise Violated, and Alpha Wolf.


For the next couple years, I would come on every few months, dedicate all my free time to reading some stories for week or two, then close the tab for a few months. Then in 2018, I had joined several online communities and creating an account was no big deal for me anymore.


So I both joined and finally got around to reading Eternal. I was active for a few months, but when school was out and I didn't have a real computer near me most of the day anymore, I stopped logging in.


Then last December I came back, saw there was a swanky new Discord, and joined. I would say that is the biggest reason for my sticking around this time. Being involved in the community means that it is always in my mind that it exists, and I like the people here.


Plus I can talk to you. So that's nice.


2. How do you feel about being known as “New Thara?”

 I find it pretty amusing that I am called New Thara. It might be a bit weird when and if Thara comes back for real, but it might not be. Certainly the fact that I am considered suitable for that label is quite an honor and pleases me greatly.


3. Besides me of course, what are some of your other favorite members and stories of the site?

 For my favorite members, I suppose I have an obligation to add mizal to the list as she is queen and her Discord is a large factor in me doing more than popping in a few weeks every six months. Corgi is awesome and I actually interacted with him a bit last spring/summer. Digit and I are bros4lyf, and Wibbons is also cool. There's no member I know of that I really dislike all that much.


For my favorite non-EndMaster storygames, I will definitely add Ducky Park to the list. I just read it today, and it was hilarious. Bestist Friend Jane is another good one that is quite unique, and I would like to see more from IAP. The old Price of Freedom is what brought me here--so I obviously liked that.


There are a lot of great storygames on this site. Also, it's yours, but I want to add that Paradise Violated is seriously underrated and if whatever replaced it on the featured list is not divine perfection, I will be sad.


4. What are your favorite things to write about?

 I have not written in a wide enough variety of genres and topics to say definitevly what my favorite topic to write about is, but I do tend to go for low-fantasy or realistic settings with some elements of tall tales or magic in them.


I also like choosing American-inspired settings for fantasy as opposed to European or Asian. Also crickets. I like writing about crickets.


5. How do you think you’ll do in Corgi’s Contest?

Better than I did in the Feels Contest. There will be a real entry from me that will not be a 900 word story about my own failure. I cannot say I will win or even reach second place (assuming other peeps actually complete their stories), but that's not really what I am after. As long as I complete something I am not ashamed of and do better than Triclops, I am happy.


6. Do you have any advice for other writers?

Well, this is a question I am hesitant about. I've never identified myself as a writer--just as someone with stories to tell. However, I will say this, don't join contests with a theme you are terrible at then hardly write anything for two months.


Also, read good stories. You cannot properly recognize bad work unless you know what good work looks like too.


7. Any final thoughts before you return to spreading word of my stories?

Thank you for interviewing me. Your message made my night, and I look forward to reading the next End Times. If any of you reading this have not read Paradise Violated, go read it or you will die with a part of your heart empty that you could have easily filled.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.


And there you have it folks, Thara Two: Insect Boogaloo


(I said insect you pervs)


Review: Inseparable by Mizal

I never did bother with a proper comment on this story, but might as well post one now to take up space for this portion of the issue.


Now I know there’s been more than a few different interpretations of this story. Like for example, for some reason some people thought Mondy was a doll, but those people are retards.


The basic premise of course is Mirk and Mondy were gay lovers, which the village accepted because it obviously was filled with CoGites, but later when the plague hit Mondy died Mirk continued fucking him even in death which is what caused the townsfolk to disapprove.


So it was the necrophilia that was being disapproved of not the sodomy and of course the big reveal is that Mondy’s been dead the whole time.


Some people said that the reveal was obvious which sort of took out some of the major impact of the story, however I see another interpretation of the story.


Basically Mirk and Mondy’s gay love brought doom upon the village, which was complacent in accepting their degeneracy.


The village was fine and then all of a sudden they got the beginnings of a gay nightclub being set up. The plague is representative of the sort of decay of normal civilization when it begins to accept the unnatural as normal.


Now of course Mirk fucking his dead lover shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, I mean he was already a degenerate. What are the boundaries of decency at that point?


While the townsfolk were horrified by this, it was already too late. They had already failed by not being vigilant in keeping their community clean. Even the new priest they had openly condemning the actions wasn’t enough, because words were not enough at that point. Only actions like burning at the stake would have been suitable, but the villagers were too complacent and thus deserved their fate of getting the SUPER AIDS plague.


Anyway, while the story doesn’t have much traditional branching, it’s still very good because it teaches an important lesson on morality and the dangers of being tolerant of degeneracy. Definitely deserving of being featured due to its social importance.


Also it’s pretty much a given that Mirk was Pedo Mod Kiel, and Mondy was Con Mod Seth, so that was a clever use of an in-joke as well.


Short Story

Okay, going to post another old one from the “A Hole” series. This one is sort of the “prequel” of the original series when he’s a little kid. Anyway too long to post here, so here’s the link:


EndMaster’s Pointless Quiz

Yes, now it’s time for fun and games! A short little quiz where if you answer everything right, you can actually score pointless points!

Don’t worry, it’s so easy even YOU can get all the questions right.

1. What stories directly take place on “Suzy’s world?”

2. What is the name of the protagonist from Repression?

3. What are the names of the doctor and his sister from Love SICK?

4. What is the Eternal’s name?

5. What is the Necromancer’s name?

6. What stories are currently not directly connected to any others?

7. What stories are currently not on CYS?

8. What stories DON’T have any incest references?




(And Cricket for the interview)

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

11 days ago

I don't know why people even bother listening to the lamestream media when you've the End Times going.  Your review made me see Inseperable in a new and better light.  It truly deserves the Socially Important tag.

Let's try this quiz now.  

1.  TRASH, Ground Zero, Tales From the Basement, Love SICK, repression, and I'm pretty sure GEEK

2.  Johnny

3.  Leslie and Lilith, I believe

4.  Francis

5.  Azrail.  Not sure if I spelled that correctly.

6.  AVSCYOS, Paradise Violated, Alpha Wolf.  I think you said Legend was some inspiration for Imagination.  So I am not certain how that would fit.  

7.  Legend and Exploitation Theater

8.   I think incest references can be found anywhere if you look hard enough, but I'll say Paradise Violated, Imagination, Necromancer, Death Song, and Geek.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

11 days ago

First come first serve as they say.

1. Yeah you got all those right.
2. Correct.
3. Correct.
4. Correct.
5. Correct.
6. You definitely got two of them. I think you got something confused with Imagination though.

Legend didn’t inspire Imagination. Imagination was basically a kid friendly conglomeration of ALL the stories I had written up to that point. (Just before Necromancer) You can easily see various characters in that story that have traits of characters from the original ones.

Despite that fact, Imagination isn’t supposed to be directly connected to anything else. Though you worded it oddly so I'm not sure if you were including Imagination or Legend in that list.

As for Paradise Violated, its a blink and you’ll miss it reference in Suzy’s Strange Saga. During the Gray Building path she can actually travel to Paradise via portal. (It doesn’t end well)

7. Correct.
8. You missed two, Innkeeper and Ground Zero.

Anyway you got most of them completely correct. You get some pointless points.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

11 days ago


That makes sense now for number six.  I should read SSS again soon to find that.  For number eight, I was considering adding both of them to the list, but as it had been a while, I erred on the side of caution and assumed incest.  I should reread those too.  

Thank you, sir.  I'll not make those mistakes again.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

10 days ago

I was actually half expecting you to point out some passage in one of those stories saying “but you wrote x person fucking their attractive cousin this path...” or something similar that I’d forgotten about.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

10 days ago

You have a really good memory, but challenge accepted now.  I'm going to reread the both of them and do just that.  I'm a little surprised if Ground Zero has none.  Sure, I cannot remember any, but with limited options, the protagonist's kids could be screwing in at least one end.  XD

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

10 days ago

Fairly certain if I had put it in Ground Zero, it would have been mentioned in passing during the mutant epilogue.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

10 days ago

That would make the most sense.  I just skipped over to that branch quick and saw none though--at least in the epilogue.  It was overall a very wholesome, mutant-supremecist family relationship going on.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

That path was probably the most fun to write since I had a fairly good idea of the ending for it before everything else in that path.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

It sure is fun to read.  Seriously, it was downright heartwarming.   However, I think you have a major problem.  I notice that you can play as a fascist--which is problematic to say the least.  Do you, as an author, really think you should be portraying that in such a manner?  Don't you think you have a social responsibility to encourage tolerance and democracy in your impressionable readers?

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

I think that’s a general misconception with the mutant path. 

The mutants aren’t any worse than the humans, if anything they’re a little more tolerant since they’re willing to live among humans as long as they’re not producing more humans.

Also the mutants stopped fighting each other and unified in solidarity seeing each other as equals. There’s no petty hatred or prejudice for minor differences between them.

Why sometimes mutants will even breed with humans producing more babies that are better suited for the wasteland. I mean that’s race mixing, can’t get much more tolerant than that. 

Anyway, the path is just showing the beginnings of a new society which is going to start off a bit bumpy at first but will ultimately be more progressive in the long run.


Democracy is for faggots.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

Sorry for the scattered formatting in that post. I was actually referring to the compound path, but it is good to know that you are portraying things correctly elsewhere in the story.  

Perhaps the mutant branch should be incorporated into curricula as a guiding example of why nuclear warfare is good how to treat those who are different from you and how to work together.  

These story notes are pretty interesting.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

The compound path leading to the epilogue results in a democratic government, staying in power typically results in a failed dictatorship so that one is pretty positive for lovers of democracy. The community shelter has something similar. 

Favorite ending is still the mutant one followed by the experimental shelter ending.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

Thought I lost my post.  Rewritten version was better.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

Good point there.  I guess all of Ground Zero shall be given to the children to teach them how society should be then.  I'm sure it's way more interesting than whatever they're having them read now.  

Do you like the experimental shelter ending for the same reasons you like the mutant one?  Which ending had the epilogue?  I cannot remember.  Was it the one where they find you years later with your android?  

When I first read it, the group shelter path was the first I read and the compound the last, but I think it'll be reverse this time.  

I'll hold off to say which endings I like best, but the "Leave the Combine" non-epilogue ending where he fancies that everything ended up like a movie amused me for whatever reason.  It's not my favorite, but I liked it.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

The experimental shelter does have the epilogue where your body is  found several years later with the female robot’s.

 I initially liked the Atomic Alliance ending more and that path certainly has a lot more events and action going on, but in time after rereading it a few times, the ending for the experimental shelter is better written.

Also several readers always seem to believe that Becky was the big “prize” in that path when she’s not and it’s amusing when some complain about not having an ending with her. 

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

Glad I didn't forget the epilogue of that branch then.  XD   

I liked that one, I remember.  The one where he goes off to bring her memory card or whatever too.  

THEY NEED THEIR WAIFUS!  You finally did give an ending with her that was the best ending that could have had though.  So they cannot complain about that anymore.  Becky is the one that the psycho lesbian had the hots for right?  She was a good character, but she herself annoyed me a bit.  Time definitely improved her.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago

Yep Axiom Miss Kitty the psycho lesbian was trying to kill everyone to have her all to herself. Shadow was planning something similar though, he just was playing a more defensive watch and wait game.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

9 days ago


Knew he couldn't be trusted.  When you talk to fellow bunkermen, make sure they are really technologically incompetent first is the lesson here, I guess.  

Still, you know things are desperate when everyone's fighting over Live Becky.  Marina made for a better waifu anyway.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

8 days ago

Marina’s certainly one of the more stable ones even if you only wind up living out a life with her in one path. She’s still a bit pushy with the “king maker” personality though. 

I know some have thought Nina from the community shelter was craziest or even a “villain” (even when compared to Mutant Lisa) due to some of her actions. 

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

8 days ago

They can't all be as perfect as Isabella.  

I remember Nina and the controlling-the-shelter paths pretty vaguely compared to the others.  It's pretty interesting to hear what peeps think though.  

Getting started on the mutant branch tonight probably.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

7 days ago

Basically some bitched about her getting ready to throw out the gay couple. Some thought she was a big gay basher but it was more of a case that she was still sore over initially liking one of them and not properly getting over it. The protagonist sort of calls her out on using the “GZ policy” as an excuse.

Some bitched about the protagonist hating gays as well but that’s never the case in any path. He doesn’t really give a shit. People just don’t know how to read and jump to fucking conclusions.

Amusingly, it was suggested in one path with Nina that you RAPE her, and while I can see that potential interpretation, it’s actually consensual.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

7 days ago

I remember that part.  It's amazing what people interpret things as.  XD

I really don't see how he could be seen as hating gays.  I guess some peeps will see whatever they were wanting/hoping/expecting to see.  It wouldn't do to not get indignant about something, after all. 

I should check out the reviews.  

"I thought this story was kind of stupid and boring it’s just a bunch of killing people and massacring families and there really isn’t a plot"


"This story has been nothing but grossly homophobic. 

In almost every story branch, a gay character is either severally murdered, or is the main villain. 

The company in the story is extremely homophobic. I could have excused that, because it made sense to the plot. But killing gay characters, just to kill them. Or making them out to be evil murderers, became too much. I really wouldn't ever read this story again, or anything else from this writer."


That was amusing.  It must be hard going through life as the second person.  


The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

7 days ago
Did it make sense to the plot, or was there no plot? Make up your mind, faggot.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

7 days ago

Oh, those are two comments because the first was too amusing to not post.  I should have italicized one.  They're still faggots though.  


The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

7 days ago
I wonder how much it would blow the second one's mind to realize that in every path, End wiped out almost every gay on the planet.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

7 days ago

Oh my gosh, you're right.  He didn't even include a trigger warning!  Think of the LGBTQIACDC+ who will be looking for an escape from real life and only find reminders of the brutal oppression they have to live with every day.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

7 days ago

The first commenter is just a plain old fucktard.

The second one is an overreacting fucktard mainly because I got a shitload of branches in that story and literally the only main gay dudes that are mentioned in it are in the community shelter branch and they ONLY get killed in one path. Even then it’s exile rather than direct execution so who knows, they could have made it.

The only other gay dudes are one of gangs you can unite with briefly in the outlaw path and that was sort of a Road Warrior reference of them just being so used to fucking each other they were basically gay via environment. They would have fucked anything really.

If he was including Miss Kitty in this alphabet soup umbrella, not sure why that’s an issue. Shadow was a straight dude and after Becky as well. Figured I’d add some DIVERSITY by not just having a bunch of straight guys fighting over her. Besides, Becky was obviously bi so another hole in the theory that the story was “anti-gay” or whatever.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

6 days ago

The call to self-righteousness is stronger than your facts.  

It is fascinating how many retarded comments your stories attract.  Do you think it is because of the high reader count, or is there a high percentage of fucktardry, or am I just paying more attention?  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

6 days ago
None of those things are mutually exclusive.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

6 days ago

That's true.  

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

6 days ago

Yep, pretty much all of the above.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

8 days ago
Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was a newsletter. But it appears I've stumbled into some kind of private club....

Really enjoyed the Inseperable review, obviously. Although yes, I continue to be baffled at the way some readers interpreted it, the plague idea you had was one of the better ones and the new angle on that is even better.

Makes it even more sweet and romantic imo. A timeless story of love (for dead gay butthole) conquering all.

The End Times – 4th Write Edition!

5 days ago

This was an amazing read! Thank you End Master!  Where the hell would this site be without you!

Time to try this quiz. Just gonna do this for fun lol

1.) SSS (of course), Geek, Tales from the Basement, Ground Zero, Love SICK, TRASH

2.) Umm, Rick?

3.)Honestly I dont remember, I have a pretty horrible memory, forgive me.

4.) Franics

5.) Azrael 

6.) A Very Special Choose Your Story, Paradise Violated, Alpha Wolf, Imagination, Repression

7.) Exploitation Theater, Legend

8.) Imagination